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Uncertain about if you were on Mac or Windows build, but I can confirm the issue exists on the Mac version

1. Atlas/Madlas

2. All the mothmen tbh, Atlas is adorable and his dad is nice.

3. Atlas.

I had to mess with it a bit more since I play on Mac but your idea did help! Thank you!

ALLEGEDLY, (I haven't been able to get it to work on Mac and if this method is accurate no clue how it'd translate on android) it's the Konami code per this tweet (  

AKA, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A (With the tweet claiming that it worked using the numpad subbing B & A with 1 & 3 respectively making for the input being 8 8 2 2 4 6 4 6 1 3). I tried both variants (directional arrows + B A and numpad notation) and it didn't work for me maybe because I'm on a laptop without a numpad? Idk. But if others can get it to work and someone could record it, that'd be good enough for me.


>Founder of christianity

How tf did that happen?

Super fun time and lovely shenanigans! Poor irrelevant what's his face...(but actually rip Hunter especially for people who've read FbI side stories).

Jeffrey is always a delight and his farewell was actually really heartfelt! Asher was probably my favorite here in terms of balance between antics and everything else. Poor Alon didn't get too much stuff between us and him  as much as he got with Damien but I love the edgy, mysterious, lovable and cute wolf~ I didn't want to say goodbye to my boys, but alas, they had to go. 

Meimaru was surprisingly cute too

Click on Gray on the title screen

Finding it was a little tricky but got it in maybe just under 2 minutes? Very fun though!

I have nothing to say about this VN other than the highest praises, this is truly amazing. I love Griff so much, I have cried over this man already multiple times and reread his scenes even more times. His theme alone is just...perfect. It captures so much emotion that goes beyond words and I just need him so badly. The rest of the VN is great! Music, especially, I think, gets used so intentionally here and is to a degree that you just don't see as consistently in other VNs. Not to mention the art, sprites/their alterations and CGs alike are so impactful to getting the feeling behind everything.


One thing I was curious about though, does route select sorta occur twice depending on who you hang out with after day one? I think it was said before that it wouldn't but when you go onto Griff route/hang out with no one and are free for Griff in the morning, it seems like you have no actual choice to make whereas hanging out with Ranzo gives you a choice between him and Griff. Will hanging out with Billy/Joe also leave you with only Billy/Joe + Griff as choices or is that just a temporary thing that'll change once their routes get updated?

It does

I can't find the pickaxe? I checked my storage (to see if I bought it), Sebas's shop (to see if maybe I sold it for inventory space), and Gwyd's shop (intended spot) and can't see it anywhere for some reason

Glad you're having fun writing! The variations should definitely be interesting. Jeffery, once again, proves himself to be the best protag/MC of any VN I love his lines so much! I'm sure the update will be great!

Everything seems to work now! Thanks!

Direct download

Hi! Very strange issue on Mac, I can't expand it? It says "Unable to expand "" into "Downloads". (Error -1 No such process.)"

That was fun! Obviously intrigued by whatever a kardion is supposed to be given MC's lack of talents atm but I think there's certainly some cute dynamics going on between the three of them. Modern fantasy setting is also pretty cool, the line about cell phones being in movies but not something MC had access to before really has interesting set up for exploration of what tech is/isn't present! A fun read to stay up to date on, I hope you guys can continue!

That's terrible news and I'm so sorry to hear about how all of that panned out. I think if you ever decide to get back into development, it would be wonderful, but I also get that having something on the back burner when you're already going through so much could be incredibly stressful and lead to burnout and more unhappiness. I have hope for a revival if it happens, I always hoped we'd get more, but am happier to know that you're doing what's best for you. 

Hang in there and keep doing what you need to do for yourself to make it through all of this. Wishing you the best.

Happy birthday! Hope you still give yourself some rest & relaxation today!


I decided to come back to this almost a year later, and good god, that writing is still amazing. Cedric route just has hit after hit. Relatable struggles fill the whole game, but I wanted to cry at the Cedric leaves ending. It's such a complicated but sweet relationship, it feels like the true end, but there's just such high quality across the board, you can say that about almost any of the endings. (They're all great! Just that some spoiler-y ones like staying with Remus are fairly unlikely. But at the same time, when you go through the route leading up to it, it makes sense y'know? So like from Kieran as a general character/concept, probably not, but for Kieran and co. from that timeline it makes sense?) Idk. I just knew that there was a good reason I kept this downloaded instead of deleted once I finished the main route(s) of the characters I was most interested in. Cedric, as he develops, just feels so real, vulnerable, and just indescribable. I feel their dynamic as best friends who grew up together, the awkwardness of trying to make things work, and how in some routes that awkwardness and tension ultimately remains. It's unfortunate but realistic that Kieran and the whole rest of the gang don't really stay in touch in any of the routes.

 I like how the end of Cedric's route even goes into interesting details like how they had lasting trauma after y'know almost dying, something many VNs don't really acknowledge. 

Cedric and Kieran's final scene on his route also just hurts. It's sweet and there's some hope, there's some stuff there, but there's also pieces that let the reader decide for themselves if they think anything will come out of all of this. Thematically, perhaps not. But there's that flare of hope, that beacon I simply must reach out towards. Maybe that's just my own remnants of hope for a clean future that saves us. One that Cedric denies exists. 

That's one of the interesting things about him, he's constantly changing and you see that especially on his route. He struggles with his own self worth and personhood to an extent and there's just so much there to dig into, it's absolutely amazing. 

Almost a year later, and this still holds up fantastically. Hope you're doing well out there wherever you are, despite the not very active Twitter.

Hi, also wanted to thank you for the info! It is past the 4th now though, do you know if they released an updated estimated day for the update to drop?

August 5, 2023 (Day/Month/Year format)

Ah. After a reread, it appears romance would be fused with the plot. I'd miss stuff like a date here or there, but do what you must, of course. Better to finish something than to be stressed into needing to drop it.

I was under the impression dates and romance and stuff were being cut. But, if there was a way to create a singular route that maybe diverged at the end through the player making choices here or there (or even just like a "it's morning after the climax (which could be more personalized and route-y) /plot (where you just get a date or confession or whatever at the end) , who do you feel like talking to the most?") 

Admittedly though, as you said, it would be rough weaving everyone's character arcs together like that most likely in one route. I think convergence is personally good with some cutting of those group debriefs. But only you know what is going on for all the intricacies of your story and what would be best for your situation.

Lmao Sean route looks like it'll be fun from that preview. God, I love Jeffrey. Probably my favorite VN MC, one of my favorite characters out there in general. He's such a dork and he's so cute.

Do you have a Twitter? Maybe try plugging it there? And/or the furry visual novel subreddit?

Idk if this is bc I haven't played in a few updates but I've had a few issues. Most pressing being I can't level up? Exp sitting at 3476/3355

I also can't find Weldon after finding him at the farm looking for milkweed?

I hope you recover soon! That's gotta be rough that you don't even know the cause for any kinda preventative stuff in the future. But regardless of the cause, I hope that the pain isn't too bad and resolves soon. 

Pretty sure Rai has one, think it's there if you have high corruption?

I can definitely relate on that anxiety front. But I'm really glad we get these updates! I don't really expect them, but they're nice to see that you're alive and the project isn't dead. Not to say I thought this one was! I know anxiety can play some stupid mind games and I just wanted to express my appreciation for your update. I do hope things clear up a little bit for you headspace-wise. Anyway, hopefully the writing process treats you well in the coming days. I look forward to the next update when it drops!

Both sound really cool then! Wasn't sure how deep into a potential combat system we would go, but those kinds of story shifts based on major abilities should be really fun to explore

Went for a replay and Aldric really is such a cute boy~ 

Anyway, I was wondering if you might be able to help differentiate between the Mage and Spiritualist/Holy Arts. I can tell HA is going to have some strong heals, but do you think they're also going to have offensive magic or is it going to be a more healing/support/buffs class? Aldric wanted to mostly support his friends it seems, but idk the name also seemed like it could almost be a summoner of spirits of some kind. 


That meeting with the guy at the end...that was one of the fastest times I've fallen for someone, holy shit. Words cannot describe how I felt. He was beautiful. The music was perfect, I really felt like he was the one. Old burning love that isn't exactly out yet and got rekindled just from seeing him. He looks like an angel and I'm so scared after some lines Riley's said. I can only hope he doesn't shatter hearts, his everything is hard to describe other than divine. I love his clothes, his demeanor, though as I write this I guess we really don't know too much about the mysterious man beyond there being a past that Riley might not be entirely over. 

I have hopes for a route considering the careful wording I've seen, but I could also see him just being important for the plot and not dateable considering you seem to need to hangout with him and how Riley's feelings seem complicated and like something that'll probably be addressed in other routes.

It seems like I can't DM you on Twitter, does that mean you only accept DMs through Discord?

I'm also interested in a Mac version, should I also DM you on Discord/Twitter?

I, unfortunately, am seconding the Mac issue complaint. It says it can't be opened? (for me at least?)

Really looking forward to playing the new update, it sounds great!

I love this game and I'm really glad I found it! Minor suggestion, do you think Floris' face could be made a little lighter in color? It's hard to tell what's going on for his facial expressions on Android from my experience. 

Not fully caught up yet, but I really like the moods captured in the writing so far, especially with the banter and Rohan's first hangout!

This showed up after defeating one of the Caproots (carrot monster)