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August 5, 2023 (Day/Month/Year format)

Ah. After a reread, it appears romance would be fused with the plot. I'd miss stuff like a date here or there, but do what you must, of course. Better to finish something than to be stressed into needing to drop it.

I was under the impression dates and romance and stuff were being cut. But, if there was a way to create a singular route that maybe diverged at the end through the player making choices here or there (or even just like a "it's morning after the climax (which could be more personalized and route-y) /plot (where you just get a date or confession or whatever at the end) , who do you feel like talking to the most?") 

Admittedly though, as you said, it would be rough weaving everyone's character arcs together like that most likely in one route. I think convergence is personally good with some cutting of those group debriefs. But only you know what is going on for all the intricacies of your story and what would be best for your situation.

Lmao Sean route looks like it'll be fun from that preview. God, I love Jeffrey. Probably my favorite VN MC, one of my favorite characters out there in general. He's such a dork and he's so cute.

Do you have a Twitter? Maybe try plugging it there? And/or the furry visual novel subreddit?

Idk if this is bc I haven't played in a few updates but I've had a few issues. Most pressing being I can't level up? Exp sitting at 3476/3355

I also can't find Weldon after finding him at the farm looking for milkweed?

I hope you recover soon! That's gotta be rough that you don't even know the cause for any kinda preventative stuff in the future. But regardless of the cause, I hope that the pain isn't too bad and resolves soon. 

Pretty sure Rai has one, think it's there if you have high corruption?

I can definitely relate on that anxiety front. But I'm really glad we get these updates! I don't really expect them, but they're nice to see that you're alive and the project isn't dead. Not to say I thought this one was! I know anxiety can play some stupid mind games and I just wanted to express my appreciation for your update. I do hope things clear up a little bit for you headspace-wise. Anyway, hopefully the writing process treats you well in the coming days. I look forward to the next update when it drops!

Both sound really cool then! Wasn't sure how deep into a potential combat system we would go, but those kinds of story shifts based on major abilities should be really fun to explore

Went for a replay and Aldric really is such a cute boy~ 

Anyway, I was wondering if you might be able to help differentiate between the Mage and Spiritualist/Holy Arts. I can tell HA is going to have some strong heals, but do you think they're also going to have offensive magic or is it going to be a more healing/support/buffs class? Aldric wanted to mostly support his friends it seems, but idk the name also seemed like it could almost be a summoner of spirits of some kind. 


That meeting with the guy at the end...that was one of the fastest times I've fallen for someone, holy shit. Words cannot describe how I felt. He was beautiful. The music was perfect, I really felt like he was the one. Old burning love that isn't exactly out yet and got rekindled just from seeing him. He looks like an angel and I'm so scared after some lines Riley's said. I can only hope he doesn't shatter hearts, his everything is hard to describe other than divine. I love his clothes, his demeanor, though as I write this I guess we really don't know too much about the mysterious man beyond there being a past that Riley might not be entirely over. 

I have hopes for a route considering the careful wording I've seen, but I could also see him just being important for the plot and not dateable considering you seem to need to hangout with him and how Riley's feelings seem complicated and like something that'll probably be addressed in other routes.

It seems like I can't DM you on Twitter, does that mean you only accept DMs through Discord?

I'm also interested in a Mac version, should I also DM you on Discord/Twitter?

I, unfortunately, am seconding the Mac issue complaint. It says it can't be opened? (for me at least?)

Really looking forward to playing the new update, it sounds great!

I love this game and I'm really glad I found it! Minor suggestion, do you think Floris' face could be made a little lighter in color? It's hard to tell what's going on for his facial expressions on Android from my experience. 

Not fully caught up yet, but I really like the moods captured in the writing so far, especially with the banter and Rohan's first hangout!

This showed up after defeating one of the Caproots (carrot monster)

When I checked on the Twitter and saw it died, I was scared for the project, but it seems it's still kicking! Glad to hear that. Hopefully things work out soon with the artist situation and things can calm down for a while

Not sure if you're joking, but cg is of Roderick. Norman's sprite with the bandage thing near his ear is a giveaway that he isn't in the cg. The narrator is supposed to be the one talking for that line anyway, so the sprite shouldn't even be there

Glitch/Bug: I don't think Norman is supposed to be here...

RODERICK!! MY BOY!!!!! Was eagerly awaiting Roderick update and just saw this!

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This was absolutely adorable! Eagerly awaiting more! 

Question though, when finished will it be out on more platforms? Curious about Mac/Android specifically, buuuut browser version worked just fine so if it was just those three that's cool too!! 

God the quality of this really is just amazing, words can't express enough about how much I love it!

EDIT: After reading the devlog, very excited about Mac version!!

Does corruption do anything in any routes aside from Rai's?

Trying to "ignore" it doesn't work btw, sends me to a screen of what I'm guessing is the werewolf dungeon, but I can't move or see my character, so it's kinda just a softlock unless I rollback and run away

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Okay, for some reason, even though no prompt appeared when I went back to Ole and Sebas the quest seemingly progressed? Different problem now though about Werewolf encounters? After defeating them (by lust or HP), this occurs right after the rewards are revealed.

Hi, found two glitches.

1. If you need to revisit the minotaur cave, everything resets. Fine, but to progress you need to learn a charm skill. I now have two copies of that same skill Alluring Lust.

Also, for some reason, even though I have waaaay more than 4 ginger, a quest isn't progressing when I try to talk to the alchemist?

I was actually just about to post about this until I figured it out. Basically the crumbling statue has two problems: one you need to optimize movement and two (more importantly considering it isn't that hard to find the quickest path) it is unfortunately also just a raw stat check I'm pretty sure. I had 10 AGI when I completed it. That was overkill, but I'm also not entirely sure how to do it otherwise as prior to grinding I had 8 AGI and couldn't make it by one tile but with 10 I had more than 1 or 2 tiles left before it broke (like 5 I think for some reason).  I did start with only one part of the hunter's gear set on my first attempt at 8 AGI and then both top (craftable) and bottom (idk where I got it) on my successful 10 AGI attempt.

Things to test for less level grinding would be if hunter's gear as a set actually gives you a better bonus than they say they do (for the task at least) or if 9 AGI would be enough (as in only grinding either one level and no full hunter set or just the full hunter set without intentionally grinding to get more level(s)).

Judging from the response to android build questions, I don't expect it, but is a Mac version planned?

I never saw this! I'm just glad you're still alive. Happy about the project not being dead either of course, but chipping away is totally okay, especially bc it looks like there's been a lot going on. Priorities of course lean towards your own health in all its forms. Regardless, I look forward to the update whenever it is ready!

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We all look forward to seeing the update come out whenever it is ready. Delays are fine! Life things happen and take priority. I hope she recovers well.

Would it help if you opened a funding thing like Patreon, gofundme, or Ko-fi?

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I discovered a very weird bug in the tournament/gauntlet at the thieves' hideout? If you get a wolf and win via seduction on the first round, the game counts it as a loss, even though you can win and proceed onward if you get the wolf and seduce it in later rounds. I don't think I've gotten the wolf to show up on the second round, but third and fourth certainly are fine.

Also, I hope we can get friendlier with Ash if y'know what I mean~

(Being good friends and being able to fuck. I like Ash and he's my favorite character so far. )

EDIT: Sorry for not realizing there's a thread specifically for bugs

Great game! I do wish there was a way to save and come back later though after exiting the game. If that's already a feature though, where is it? 

Little sad about no more web version, but super glad that development is back in action!

(some major ending spoilers) Okay, but more seriously, is there a twitter or anything to follow to stay up to date on news regarding FbI? No rush, of course, on updates of any kind. 

This is just such a good VN and it shot up to one of my favorites so quickly. Definitely top 5, maybe top 3??? There's so much to say but it's also hard to put into words. I love the Ted reveal and the feeling of straight dread, shock, and betrayal when we got FUCKING PAVLOV'D INTO KILLING SOMEONE...I just needed a couple minutes to process that because...just woah but also what?!?!??!? That moment was just so powerful...

The power dynamic shift especially coming right after that was such a good little bit of vengeance, but also terrifying and further dread inducing as I imagined being stuck as merely a passenger as the curse did as it pleased. The unnerving music was great but also kinda grew to be fun listening music. But overall it was just such a satisfying ending that I'm eager to see what else can happen in other routes. Looking forward to Daren route stuff!

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Okay route ending spoilers but

Why is smug possessed Jeffrey hot??? Mutilate me and I'll thank you sir~

On a less simpy note, I quite enjoy the character interactions and MC is good. Maybe Fortis could shake a little less intensely? Kinda a lot and it'd be nice if it maybe slowed down a tad or something. Otherwise, a very nice experience and I look forward to seeing more!

I would humbly sacrifice everything for Amare. I love that beautiful, adorable cat man. He may have my heart, even though I know he'd probably prefer the biological organ. 

Lucian's nice too though. Favorite probably of those who are likely to potentially actually get routes. (Not trying to complain! Plotwise I think it'd be pretty hard to get an Amare route without it being AT LEAST once we're back in the underworld. Though even then, I don't think he'd be particularly interested. Alas...)

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Never mind, I redownloaded and replayed to the point I was at before and things worked properly now!

Also it is definitely possible to beat that fight with Alex's help!

Also, this was on Mac version if that's relevant