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Ghost Gate Chronicles part 1 : The Divide is a new game by Invisible Temple. It was successfully crowdfunded and is now available for purchase through our website or page.

Ghost Gate Chronicles part 1 : the divide cover

In The Divide, from somewhere beyond, up to 4 players guide the souls of the departed, the dreams of the living and primordial mana through The Ghost Gates, portals between the now and the hereafter. As you fulfill your ethereal duties something new and dramatic happens : The Ghost Gates are closing!

At around 20-30 minutes of gameplay, The Divide is a puzzle for all ages as you pick up and deliver these symbols from one side of the board to the other in as efficient a way as possible, all the while making the most out of your special power ups!

This project was backed through kickstarter and thus contains a solo mode (the Traveler), the mission scroll cards and god event cards as additional content for more varied playthroughs!
Ghost Gate Chronicles part 1 : The Divide components

Thanks for your time and see you at the tables!

Hi! Thank you :) I'm also a lot into fermentation and think it's such an interesting, energetic process that it has to be made into some kind of game.  

hi! thank you :) 2-4 is probaly where this game is best. Works at more since it's simultaneous decision making, but it might start to be a bit more chaotic at more players.

Hi! I released my first TTRPG system as part of the funding of my roll & write kickstarter project.

This game uses very similar mechanics to the roll & write, but in a roleplaying form. 

In passengers, you are plucked from your dreams by ghosts that will use you to defend their world, the Hereafter, against corruption. It is a storytelling game where the dice you roll will make you choose actions that will always succeed but will ask of the player to create a narrative on how things happen.

Download it here for free!