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Found it, I just responded to the email!

Hey End3r, I didn't see the email. I'll check again.

I beat the boss! Great work ArtiamGames. I'm taking notes! I see how everything is done very well, down to the gif thumbnail, page background, description art, etc!!

It was originally intended to be strictly multiplayer. IDK what I  was thinking, thinking I would pull that off LOL. Did a last minute change to player vs computer opponent, its what I could manage with the time and my skill level, I'm proud of it but its incomplete for sure.

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Thanks for the  constructive criticism!  Yea,  this was the first time I ever really completed anything, and I've never implemented difference scenes until now, or AI. Actually the game was never intended to have AI, until the last 2 days of the jam I decided I had to cut my first idea, and simplify down. But really I should have realized that sooner so I could have made it much better.  For sure a lesson learned!  But I'm also just impressed with myself because what took weeks before to do, I did like 1-2 days of mad typing.  So it kinda showed me that sometimes development can  be fast.  Since its a jam, I cant make improvements yet, but    I would fix the AI and implement all the gameplay abilities and moves (ball curving, special hits, better movement animation) multiplayer etc. Hopefully I can one day show you the real vision of what this game is supposed to be!!

great job! its fun and can make you strategize! love the bg music too. very calming


Hey this is fun! The music makes it feel fun to keep trying until I get to the end. Art is nice, I like how the whole theme is put together. And the gifs in the page are a nice touch!

Haha, yea I know. I didn't have enough time or knowledge on how to quickly fix it! The AI is extremely robotic, which is why having robots makes it seem sorta ok maybe lol

Reminds me of the younger days lol. Not sure if the game is loading though, just see the first screen with the art work and bg ambience.

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Thanks for visiting my game jam submission!

The initial idea for this game was a full on multiplayer 1v1 pong-like game with powerups, and special moves. Of course, as this was my first game jam, I  had too large a scope for my game idea.    

Toward the end I added web monetization, but I didn't fully bug-test the case when a user does not have web monetization running, so  it might be buggy!

Anyway,  I'm glad to be part of this jam with all the amazing developers and artists here! I can't believe how much I learned..  Hope we all  can    build the games of our dreams!

Great work Cable! I can totally relate on having to scrap a bunch of what was planned. I also had to settle with a game that wasn't really what I was first envisioning! But it was my first game jam too, and the experience really is worth it all! Fantastic art and sounds! Loved it!

Great job! Fun and  feels professional!

Thanks so much for the heads up on that bug. I tried my best to fix it in the limited time I had this morning.

Have to take son to doctor appt. Hopefully can fix it when I get back!!!

Thanks I think i know what it is.. Fixing

Very cute game, and awesome art!!!

Dang, pretty damn good!!

Awesome job! Love the concept, and use of web monetization to add another layer to the music!

nice! thnx

Really good quality, this is just what I've been looking for for my idea. Really looking forward to more packs!

this will help me to finally get my first game prototype done and interesting