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it seems like I set the speed a little slow as another comment has said but thanks for the feedback. 😀

thank you for the feedback. I agree that the character is a little slow but I never though to make it faster.

Way better than anything I could have made. Overall I think its a great game for the time that you had. The theme not quite sure I just saw it as a normal typing game but it was really fun. Good luck with the jam!

Thanks for playing. I'll check out your game and rate it for you. :)

It's so that you have to find different ways of solving the puzzles.

Thanks for playing!

I had to teach that in a way that you would remember because that was one of the main things I would use, and I didn't want you to forget it. Thanks for playing!

thanks that is a great suggestion and I may even make a bigger version of the game.

you forgot to compile it into an .exe but it was still fun!