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That also happens to me, and it doesn't matter how much I resize the window for the game. Unfortunately, I am using an oldre monitor, so it's square instead of rectangle. I was able to input a username using one option for window size, but unable to see the "Start" option due to being unable to scroll down. This game looks fun, but is unplayable for me.

I am someone that isn't fond of games that require arrow/wasd sequences. I'm wondering if there could be an option for the space bar to be used in a timing sequence instead? Maybe as a part of a difficulty setting or something, so that those that enjoy arrow/wasd sequences can still do them at a higher difficulty. "Casual" could be space bar," Normal" could be arrow/wasd.  Normal could be a bit more rewarding by increasing the chance of better rewards.

First of all, I'm liking the game so far.

 Second, I noticed a bug where I would move from one area to another, but it would move me between mountains (when leaving to the right the town area where yo find Lady Molly) and between water (somehow by leaving to the left of your base). I noticed this mostly happens when you have coordinates to something up, and have had to load from a previous save file just to exit. This bug/error keeps you at the edge of the mountain/water and you can only enter/exit from that spot to one other area and back. Forgive me if I'm not explaining it well enough. I don't mind reloading a save; the bug just makes gameplay annoying.

Third, not sure if you're suppsed to find out about her from the town/city? Lady Molly is in, or from another town/city, but you come across a thief in the area past Aernum and she mentions that the guards must have sent you to her or something. I either missed something in previous dialogues, or I was suppose to find out about what she's done elsewhere (I have yet to travel to any town/city apart from Lady Molly's).

On a side note, it's a shame that none of the party members follow you around, even if only the tamed wolf would be able to do so. I'm just a big fan of seeing companions follow my character around, especially pets and the like. XD

First of all, I wish to say thank you for developing a game that's similar to Secret of Mana (SNES version). Any games that have a similar style to it always catches my attention, and I wish there were more.

Now on to complaints/suggestions for updates/fixes/whatever!

1. Leon seems to have trouble keeping up no matter where I am, whether in combat or not. He moves too slow, and I'm not sure if that's mostly for combat purposes or not.

2. I feel the AI should be able to use potions when their health is low.

3. I love that the AI fight their own targets, but it gets them killed when it comes to bosses.

4. Do the enemies return after awhile, or when you come back to that location on the world map? I admit that I didn't try out much and just finished the current demo to see what changed from the last demo I played.

5. Maybe it's just the nostalgia of my favourite childhood game (that I have yet to complete XD) that put the idea of it being a co-op game into my head, but as I continued to travel and fight enemies, I just thought that another player would be more helpful than the current AI. In Secret of Mana (for those that don't know), another player can join once you have another party member, allowing up to three players in total. So, along that line, your game could allow up to four-players once all characters are within the party, or just have it as a two-player co-op to make it easier. It's just an idea I wanted to suggest.

Honestly, no matter what you decide for the final release, I believe it will be awesome and I can't wait!


1. Dying and continuing causes the UI or whatever to not work properly. I can click on some things, but not others, and I had to use alt+F4 to exit the game.

2. Same as above, but for actually loading a file instead of clicking "Continue" in main menu.

3. Started a new game after 1, and Rose shows up in the party, but is ignored in combat. She can still level up, though.

I know this is just a demo, and I'm not sure if the full release will be free as well, but hopefully the bugs I've founds so far help.  :)

Thank you so much!

Um, not sure if it has to do with the new update, but getting people to leave the base isn't working for me. I get one person to follow, then leave the base, and it's just me and the floating bot thing when it loads the map tile I'm on. Do I need something, or is this an actual bug that needs to be fixed?

I think eating food turned my monster companion on me or something. I was cooking/eating meals and it suddenly attacked me.

Thank you! I find that it's faster to play with mouse than directional buttons.

Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic Bug/Errors/? No clue.

Hello. First of all, I've played the previous version (Win64 download) and the latest update (Win 64 and now Win32 download), yet I continuously get errors for different things . 

1. Sometimes I'll pick things up off the ground without having to click on the square or press G to pick them up, and other times it will have an error with the loot screen and have to exit it using ESC.

2. Fighting usually freezes up, and I have to shoot my ranged weapon, reload it, or use a skill in order to melee attack.

3. Hiring someone doesn't always work. I hire them, but it stays on the hire menu and I have to click ESC to get out of it, without hiring them even after choosing "Yes".

4.  ALong with the hiring menu bug,  choosing "Chat" gives errors as well.

 I'm not entirely sure how to aim ranged weapons, but  for me the animation is always south and I'm not entirely sure if it hits the enemy I intended to hit.

One part of too long log at time of post:

ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range.
Parameter name: index
  at System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Item].get_Item (Int32 index) [0x00024] in /Users/builduser/buildslave/mono/build/mcs/class/corlib/System.Collections.Generic/List.cs:635 
  at LootPanel.UpdateTooltip () [0x000d7] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Axu\Assets\Scripts\UI\LootPanel.cs:92 
  at UserInterface.SetSelectedNumber (Int32 num) [0x0007c] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Axu\Assets\Scripts\UI\UserInterface.cs:985 
  at OnHover_SetSelectedIndex.OnPointerEnter (UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerEventData ped) [0x00148] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Axu\Assets\Scripts\UI\OnHover_SetSelectedIndex.cs:39 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute (IPointerEnterHandler handler, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData) [0x00008] in C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\ExecuteEvents.cs:22 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute[IPointerEnterHandler] (UnityEngine.GameObject target, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData, UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventFunction`1 functor) [0x00073] in C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\ExecuteEvents.cs:261 
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents:Execute(GameObject, BaseEventData, EventFunction`1) (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\ExecuteEvents.cs:265)
UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseInputModule:HandlePointerExitAndEnter(PointerEventData, GameObject) (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\InputModules\BaseInputModule.cs:246)
UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerInputModule:ProcessMove(PointerEventData) (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\InputModules\PointerInputModule.cs:324)
UnityEngine.EventSystems.StandaloneInputModule:ProcessMouseEvent(Int32) (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\InputModules\StandaloneInputModule.cs:511)
UnityEngine.EventSystems.StandaloneInputModule:ProcessMouseEvent() (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\InputModules\StandaloneInputModule.cs:490)
UnityEngine.EventSystems.StandaloneInputModule:Process() (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\InputModules\StandaloneInputModule.cs:254)
UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventSystem:Update() (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\EventSystem.cs:377)
(Filename: /Users/builduser/buildslave/mono/build/mcs/class/corlib/System.Collections.Generic/List.cs Line: 635)

 This is a really fun game that I'm addicted to, and I look forward to my issues being sorted out in future updates so I may enjoy the game fully.

There now is no longer the option to download it through the Itch app.

I am confused about multiplayer.  Does it require more than one computer with this game downloaded, or does it require one computer and multiple controllers or something?

(1 edit)

I am unable to unistall this game. Every time I try unistalling it through the Itch app, it fails. :/

Edit: Restarting Itch helped.

I have yet to download and play this, but I wanted to comment anyways.

I love Lust Doll and its character customization, and I'm ecstatic that this version of Rainy Skies is following that. It's a shame the previous version won't be finished, but I'm relieved you left it available to download and play.  It is fun, even if  unfinished.