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Thank you! Yeah, we are from México, but the final release will be fully translated to English.

Thank you so much! We are running a Kickstarter with your help we may be able to add awesome features to the game.

Hey, thank you so much! We really appreciate your feedback and your gameplay video. I'm very sorry about the bug you spotted (and some others I noticed seeing your video), you can configure the buttons in the launch window.

And again many thanks!

Hey, thank you so much! I really enjoy your video, glad you liked. The full version will be out very soon.  And I hope you don't mind but I would like to publish your video on our social networks and other websites.

Yes, we have mac port in mind. Thank you!

2V Hoverbike is a horizontal shoot 'em up. Features

  • Modern graphics in HD
  • Classic gameplay
  • Challenging Difficulty
  • Five unique levels
  • Weapon configurations

Please check it out let us know what do you think :)