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You flippin madlad lol

thanks for playing!

I would've removed the steam VR plugin as it was annoying me as well, but I didn't wanna risk destroying the project by messing around in the plugins menu at 3am lol

Galactica mixed with asteroids with a second chance at life, quite good for 3 hours of work, i enjoyed. Tho a lack of HUD was mildly annoying due to the fact i didn't know how much bullets I had left

I did have music, but I couldnt import it in


Simple, yet challenging, i love it. 

i like it, quite cheery and challenging, the mario vibes are strong with this one.  imo the controls are a bit stiff and music repetitive, otherwise i like it. :D

Thanks :D

There is a stone wall in the first room. Go through there and theres a medkit and shotgun, should make things easier.

I agree optimization was a fault, i would've made it more optimized, if time wasn't such a limitation

I enjoyed, by best was 72000. Although i was floating away from the ship alot...

The large laggy hoard of Fanbots is the hilariousness within the game In my and others opinion. From my knowledge it makes everyones performance bad, i didnt have time to optimize as you can tell...

Thanks for checking it out on stream

I would've put in screaming sound effects, if I had the time. 

Tim's body in a few years

Im loving this game, simple and funny. i like