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I thought the game was fun, it was nice being able to adjust my turrets position as enemies went past. Just a personal preference but if you could add a way so the player was more involved after placing the turret that would help with gameplay

When you can get the cube moving fast the game feels great. It look me a bit to figure out what would cause me to stumble but I enjoyed learning that myself. A checkpoint or two would have been a nice touch. The key has a lot of personality for just being a cube. Great job

Thanks yeah I always struggle getting the difficulty right, and glad the UI helped I always try to give the player as much info as possible. I was shooting for an unsafe feeling if you were ever shooting but must have overdone it, thanks for the comment!

Yeah I tried my best to give the player info but its tough since you have to switch between actions. I guess I didn't do the best job describing in game, but the mechanic was you can only perform one action at a time, the hope was it would make you consider speed and elevation before switching to combat.

There are a few bugs in it, text not showing up and a death is permadeath due to a bug (you can call that a feature though!). Good atmosphere and setup, the swing mechanic is satisfying and fun.