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Innuendo Squad

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A new public build is live! The game files are updated on the page, so feel free to redownload to get access to them.

A new public build has been released! You can play as the two new mechs added to the game, the Kavacha and the Tonbokiri!

Enjoy everyone :)

New public builds updated to! Version 0.17 features new art, items, and settings to make life easier as a player!

Version 0.15 has just been released! Check out our devblog to see some of the changes:

Play for free!

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Rip  friends apart piece by piece in this mech arena shooter that features weird and childish game modes such as hide and seek with flamethrowers, dodgeball with wrenches, and tag with potatoes.

Customize your own maps and loadouts and share them easily with our .atex and .map files system, and see how much your friends struggle walking around in the dark on a map you made!

We've been working on this game for about 14 weeks now, and are looking for more people to join our awesome community. Play the game, join the discord, and get updated weekly on how the game progresses.

Join the discord to look for matches, talk to the devs, and generally banter about how much you hate this game.