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This game is creative mash-up of Pac-Man and Pinball-esque mechanics with great audio and psychadelic visuals. After a bit of warming up, I quickly entered a flow-state and sunk a good bit of time into it. I found the pinball mechanic particularly satisfying. This is a really nice piece!

The movement feels really tight and makes the game a joy to play. I found the game difficult- but not unfair which made completing each level feel really rewarding.

There were a couple of moments in the game where the UI would obscure obstacles so perhaps it could be triggered by a button input instead of proximity?

Regardless of this, I had a lot of fun!

First of all, I adore the artwork - it may be my favourite in this jam so far.

I occasionally felt lost when finding the correct person to interact with before changing scene but this encouraged me to speak to all the NPCs and gain further insight into the story. I also appreciate the creative response to the brief. Great work!

I often found myself making choices I knew would kill me but I couldn't resist the urge to find out what would happen. This game is a lot of fun, with a good sense of humour. Great work!

The game had a nice look and feel, and I appreciate using the brief to respond to real-world issues like the widespread use of single-use plastics.

On the technical side of things, I did have trouble playing in the browser since the esc key is mapped to both free the cursor and leave the inspection.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Well done!

You did indeed reach the ending - you are right though- I think it could do with being signified more (my bad). I appreciate you playing the game and thanks for the nice comment!

Thanks very much, Ryan! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it - and yeah, you win! 🏆