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Overall, this is an excellent use of one page of text. It provides a strong simplification of the Spell the RPG rules, a strong setting that stems from an implication the rules provide, and a starting point for an adventure in this setting.

To go a little more in depth, I feel the first page's Spell supplement is a powerful way to represent the direction that the full game pushes without overburdening players. In my efforts to introduce Spell, the primary complaints were around how the options were paralyzing. These rules narrow those choices down into something simple and perfect for a one-shot, while also allowing the players to grow into the full game if they enjoy that experience. 

That supplement, along with the setting are amazing. It feels like a fun way to explore how spells can be passed down and form a town. There's a small suggestion of a possible adventure as well for people to easily build a one-shot with this rpg alone.

Okay, I was drawn by the ridiculous and silly premise. However, in practice, I really enjoyed this game! 

The mechanic of using dice as your kart is awesome. I will mention, though, this is a more difficult game to play online on platforms such as Tabletop Sim. So, I would highly recommend you play in the meatspace. 

Though, even if you don't feel like the theme works with your style of game, I feel this game's rules can be applied in a wide variety of situations. Right now, I'm thinking of pulling together an Acceleracers-themed campaign for these with some Hot Wheels cars.

Even if all of this doesn't feel like what you want. You can still apply it to your pre-existing campaigns. If there's any sort of vehicle-based chases I have in any of mine, I will use this system.

 Well worth $5.