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Okay, I was drawn by the ridiculous and silly premise. However, in practice, I really enjoyed this game! 

The mechanic of using dice as your kart is awesome. I will mention, though, this is a more difficult game to play online on platforms such as Tabletop Sim. So, I would highly recommend you play in the meatspace. 

Though, even if you don't feel like the theme works with your style of game, I feel this game's rules can be applied in a wide variety of situations. Right now, I'm thinking of pulling together an Acceleracers-themed campaign for these with some Hot Wheels cars.

Even if all of this doesn't feel like what you want. You can still apply it to your pre-existing campaigns. If there's any sort of vehicle-based chases I have in any of mine, I will use this system.

 Well worth $5.

Thank you! I hadn't even thought about using it as a plugin minigame to handle car chases, but I love the idea.

For systems that include a driving skill, you could maybe convert ranks in that driving skill into levels of Charms. Or you could just run the Ghost Kart engine as-is whenever racing happens.

I hadn't heard of Acceleracers before, but it looks rad, and I'd be honored for this game to be used for an Acceleracers campaign.