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Amazing! Really great game!

Thank you mrpete.

A newer version including Linux and Mac support has been added (Mac support will only be implemented once it has been requested).

Linux support will be added in the next update if all goes well.

Actually I wanted to make an FPS game. I do want the close combat system of Call of Duty but the original idea was only an FPS game (;

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New first person shooter with a nice look and feel. I've spent weeks on the game since I only started  coding in C# this year at my University. I regularly update the game as I am constantly developing it to become better. I will soon implement a multiplayer feature.

I am open for Ideas and opinions.


It's cool.. Just add a scoreboard and a menu.

Nice game

This game has potential. I'd recommend you to keep developing man.

This is a great concept. Nice work I like the game