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Nope, Brazilian

Hi, i just began playing the game and when i try to do the second object i can't put coopers into the anvil (sorry i dont speak english i look that up in google), i really want to play more because i discover this game over a brazilian youtuber (love from Brazil) and i'm loving it 

Hello! When I try to enter the game only a black screen appears with the chat, my stats, map and among others, but the scenario and the rest not, sorry English I am using the translator (it is easier) thanks for the attention

Hi! I would like to know if a version for Mac will be release? Because i really think i would love the game, Thanks!

Thanks, i will try again

hum...Hi! maybe it's weird someone bring it back but I tried to make the dress as I said and I could not, I tried all ties but none worked. Sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian and I used the goggle translator, and I'm loving the game!