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Thank you!

Hi! Is there a way to activate the genderbend version? I wanna play the female mc with the genderbend routes

Hi! I'm really liking the game so far! But my quest list won't update, i got the 6 first ones and then it didnt add anymore.

Hello! I really wanted to play but you only star at day 7 and with more than one master and every character included, no matter the mode, tried to play solo but the same thing happened so  im wondering when it will change?  Thanks!

Hello! I don't think you remember me, that's ok. I wanted to tell that i got lost in the lost daughter, but that's not why i came back, i went to do the Farewell quest, i was in the cemitery and i think i found the right place, i interacted with it and just said "It's too dark to read"and then the MC (female) just got stuck in the screen, no dialog, just the MC and when i tried to interact again nothing changed. The good news is that now i can save, i hope everything is okay. (again, sorry for my english)


I dind't have an old save, i found the game by accident  in  less than a week, so i think i will just wait

I don't think i am, since there's no other choice than the android one and the pc one

I see, then what can i do?

Right before the discution of the sexual desire/when he realize he got sick, i think there was supose to have a image but it just closed

Also, about the save folder, i dont have the old version, maybe that's why?

I ended the quest, quite the plot i have to say, but then i moved to the Xora quest and then the game just close, i dont know if its because its not finished or what, but dont worry i can wait!

Thanks, i  dind't  kwon there was others paths !

Ok, so, i got to the florest and all but i dont know what to do next. I Even came back to the start and got new desires (actually i can get a lot now, dont know if its a bug or i just can get that much) but that it, i walked a lot in the map but nothing came to me as waht to do next.

(Also, i'm really sorry for my english, not my first language)


Hi! Im loving the game but i can't load on old saves, theres no save fold in the "www" like you said and im also kinda lost in the Feszha quest, a little help please? -u-'

Nope, Brazilian

Hi, i just began playing the game and when i try to do the second object i can't put coopers into the anvil (sorry i dont speak english i look that up in google), i really want to play more because i discover this game over a brazilian youtuber (love from Brazil) and i'm loving it 

Hello! When I try to enter the game only a black screen appears with the chat, my stats, map and among others, but the scenario and the rest not, sorry English I am using the translator (it is easier) thanks for the attention

Hi! I would like to know if a version for Mac will be release? Because i really think i would love the game, Thanks!

Thanks, i will try again

hum...Hi! maybe it's weird someone bring it back but I tried to make the dress as I said and I could not, I tried all ties but none worked. Sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian and I used the goggle translator, and I'm loving the game!