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If I do add anything to this version of the game or anything. You won't have to pay. It's just an optional donation towards the game

Maybe. This was just an experimental game. It's been years and I don't know where the original files are. I'd probably rebuild this game in Unity or something.

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Total Net Worth: $90,972


Work at a regular 9-5 job. Improve all the stats during free time. Minimize expenses by selling useless stuff and sleeping in low-expense rooms.

Ask for promotions after working every 2-3 days until reach the highest position. Buy a nice room to improve sleep.

After the stats are all at around lv 9. Max out energy through training.

Start a Small business. After first successful Small business, reduce the hours spent at 9-5 and start a Medium business. Quit 9-5. Only take enough loans to start a new business.

Finally, start and develop as many Big businesses as possible before 30 days.

Congrats on submitting a game! I wanted to, but the mechanic I was trying to code out was not working for me. If I get it working, I'll share it with you all

Cool looking game.  I'll try it out later this week and give some feedback!

That's a real good design. I love the way you used the alternator at the end.

I accidentally discovered the timing for my design and I definitely agree with you that it's very satisfying.

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This layout scored me $436 on the final level. I'm interested if anybody can score higher and what their designs are.

Note: you do have to force the poo into the liquidizer at least 3 times after you start the machine.

Thanks, took most of the development time to get it right.

Look up Heartbeast on YouTube, for the tutorial on 3D games in Game Maker. He has some amazing game maker tutorials.