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This layout scored me $436 on the final level. I'm interested if anybody can score higher and what their designs are.

Note: you do have to force the poo into the liquidizer at least 3 times after you start the machine.

See I didn't think to use two joiners, I used one with one belt feeding heads and another feeding bodies


$544 with this layout. First poo was used for the dog's legs, 2nd went into the liquidizer, 3rd to head, and so on.

I tried to leave enough space between molding, painting, and joining so that I never ran out of liquid or needed to manually toggle any alternators after feeding the dog. Using 1 less joiner means you don't need the extra tank which will save a good bit cash.


That's a real good design. I love the way you used the alternator at the end.


450$, I overcomplicated things a tad, but the perfect timing on the heads and bodies joining on the belt is quite satisfying.

I accidentally discovered the timing for my design and I definitely agree with you that it's very satisfying.

Why did you use two liquefiers?


I got $574 with this design. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, but that meant I did have to sacrifice the satisfaction of having a machine that did everything itself. Instead, I had to change the colour of one of the spray painters and delete the final conveyor belt halfway through.

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I earn $496 with this design, and it runs completely automatically.

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I managed $728, but needed to switch color after meeting quota of red heads, also deleted the last conveyor, but it can be direction switched instead.