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I admire your dedication to making an escape room in VR. The puzzles are interesting, but I feel you could have done a bit more within VR. Like hiding clues on the underside of the tables. Overall really cool

I love it❤ Have to burn it all! Burn it all down!!!

I think you get invincible after a while

I agree with most people here, the controls need some work

The sounds are really cute


The atmosphere is definitely there, maybe a bit too dark at points though. The mirrors didn't handle well.  probs on the animation too

Looks good, sound is nice too. Sadly I get stuck after a few levels because the blocks don't line up properly. Otherwise looks really promising

Looks great. I did manage to find someone to play with but it was pretty boring tbh. The music stops after the title screen too, not sure whether you were aware 

Simply a lot of fun. No gamebreaking bugs either, so that's a big plus

Visually very striking, the mechanics are cool too. But I agree with the others here. There is a difference between difficult and annoying. I feel like making the rmb toggle instead of holding it would be an improvement

Can't believe this was made in a game jam

Looks great! As with most table top games it takes a few rounds to really grasp the rules and the blocks of text made my eyes glaze over a bit, but might just be because I'm tired

It's done!

-6 for me, I think I misunderstood something

IT IS TIME for the jam to start! SO, what do you need to do?

Make a game that would definitely be Banned In China. Wow, nobody saw that coming. We highly encourage you to speak out about the various atrocities committed by the government of the People's Republic of China (Read more in the Discord server). You have 48 hours to-- Wait. Hold your horses.

We just got a call from the investors at Big Publisher®️. They're pushing for a release TOMORROW😱. You only have 24 hours to get your game ready for release! This means you need to have your game uploaded to by Saturday, 11 December 2021 17:00 CET! And just between us-- management isn't paying overtime. So don't overwork yourselves.

Best get to work right away!

P.S. Stay tuned, we will reveal more in 24 hours

Oh no!!! 

Whatever will we do????