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Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the game :)

Thanks! We had a lot of fun at Fan Fusion :)

Nice! I like the art and platforming. Good work on the acid enemy :)

I got stuck on the fourth level with the large hallways. I did find my way through some breakable walls. The first three levels were easy. Although, I am not sure what each item is that I pick up. I assume they are key cards. I think some text that pops up like "Picked up Red Keycard" would help.

Sounds awesome! :)

Here is the game our team is working on, a  Shooter Platformer with cults in space : Cultist Astronaut!

The page is missing.

This is an interesting concept. I was able to get a Min score of 6 after 10 or so minutes of play time. I had to refer to the wikipedia page on the game of life to learn some of the rules. That is probably the most difficult part of this game. If you are not knowledgeable on the rule set, it can be very confusing. Some in-game rules could help. I am not sure how difficult it would be to teach the player with some example boards. Maybe animate the pieces between turns. I am not sure how feasible that is with the game of life rules  since squares vanish and reappear. 

Oh I just realized it was feedback for the trailer!

Thanks for the feedback! 

Sure, we can adjust the music volume. It was actually an afterthought for this upload. We are in the process of creating a list of sound effects to add and replace (we do not like the bullet sound). 

for "Save the music change until it turns to the menu screen": do you mean the volume settings? 

I am glad you liked it :) 
A video with feedback would be amazing if you want to put that together. Thanks again. 


Download: Cultist Astronaut! by Infinitive Game Studios (

We have recently released an alpha demo for our space shooter / platformer called Cultist Astronaut.  Here is a quick gameplay trailer we put together. We are looking for feedback on the gameplay trailer (it was our first time making a trailer). 

We are also looking for feedback on the alpha demo. You can download it here: Cultist Astronaut! by Infinitive Game Studios (

  1. What did you like and dislike? 
  2. What would you like to see more of?
  3. Too easy or too hard? 
  4. Any bugs?

The demo does not really have an ending, but we are working on that. We are currently adding a second area to the level that will involve more exploration and locked doors. The new area will also include the first boss fight. We plan to shape this update around feedback from players. 

Thank you for your time!

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I don't believe I tried free mode. I did read through the controls, but it doesn't stick with me until I play the game. Typically I skip control menus or detailed prompts. Thankfully most controls translate, like the "jump" and "move" buttons. I can usually figure those out by tapping on the keyboard.

I did not realize what the colors did on the cube for a bit. I almost closed the game before I figured it out. I really enjoy the mechanic and I worry players may miss out if they don't have patience. I did have to exit the game and go back to the main menu to read the controls. Perhaps it could be in a pause menu for quicker access?

I may be biased, but I enjoy games that start off with small challenges that teach the controls and mechanics. I really enjoy this video by Mark Brown on tutorial design: 

I honesty can't put my finger on the physics. It could just be a lack of skill. Most of my deaths were caused from not seeing where I was going as I jumped and tried to land on surfaces. I wanted to share my experience, so it is only an opinion. 

Nice, I thought I figured out the projectiles :)

It took me a bit to realize that the colored sides of the cubes allow you do to different things. I almost gave up until I realized I could rotate the cube. I did look through the controls, but that stuff never sticks with me. I really like the colored side concept, but without understanding the controls I think people will miss out. I would build some tutorials into your first level. Teach the player how to jump over short and tall obstacles,  how to stick to walls, and how shooting is useful with some simple challenges. Basically, take the control list and convert it into a playable level. This will show the player how cool your mechanics are before getting into the beefy levels.

The levels got easier when I realized how everything worked. However, I think the physics could be improved a bit so I feel a bit more in control. I found myself yeeting off screen and falling into the enemies on accident. I also couldn't figure out what the projectiles were good for, but I did use them to mess up enemy pathing. 

I got halfway through the second level before I quit. I kept flying into enemies when jumping (maybe I suck). 

Overall, I think you have an interesting game mechanic and a solid start to your levels :)

I would rethink the candy collection. 
How about adding the ring toss, corn maze, and other mini game ideas you have. I think a perpetual Halloween carnival town would be neat.  Maybe you earn candy by winning games and pranking neighbors. That could be interesting. 

As for scope, start small and iterate. Try to build the ring toss first. That can be it's own game. 
Good luck!

This is a pretty cool game. I sold my arm and my leg haha. Maybe later on you can buy back a mechanical arm or leg that makes you move faster, but first you have to save up a load of cash or go on a dangerous mission. It would be cool to go inside the caves and the RV.  Maybe the RV can be a place where you store items if the game ends up having more loot and a carry limit.

Also, I could not find ammo for the pistol. It just kept trolling me with rifle ammo xD 

Yes, it runs on Windows. 

Look forward to our Pre-Alpha Update on March 16!

We are improving the bot builder so you can create better bots. Here is a sneak peak:

We have only been working on this game for about two months and we hope to get some feedback from the community.

Check out our website here: