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Cheers dobsy, awesome vid. Nice time! Thanks for sharing :D

What ho, chums! ISG here announcing the release of v0.1 of our Rogue Aces VR Prototype is now available to download for free here on  It's at the start of development, and we're looking for brave test pilots to help us hone it!

Take control of a single fighter plane and attempt to eradicate all enemy forces as quickly as you can in each combat arena.

Join our Discord here  Announce you're here for the Test Pilot scheme and we'll award you a special 'ISG Test Pilot' role and grant you access to our secret dev-club!

We'd love to hear your best times, the stuff you love and the stuff you don't! Help us make a better game - together :)

Road Map

v0.1 (Public Build One) <-- WE ARE HERE

This first build will have you attempting to clear four consecutive islands of enemies in your best time possible. Dodge anti-aircraft fire and take down tanks, boats, trucks and battleships as you wreck havoc as you see fit!

v0.2 (Public Build Two) <-- ETA NOT TOO FAR AWAY PROBABLY

This build will introduce enemy aircraft and dogfighting

v0.3 (Public Build Three) <-- ETA BIT OF A WAIT POSSIBLY

This is when we'll have finished tweaking and will release a final version of our prototype!

How to install onto your Meta Quest 2

Download the RAVR.apk onto your computer and install to your Quest 2 using SideQuest.  Instructions here

You can download the .apk from our page here

Don't forget to let us know what you think, and we'll see you again soon with a new build with new features :)

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There's a hidden mechanic in Rogue Aces Deluxe - the Aerial Steal! You can jump out of your plane, and if you land on an enemy plane without hitting the ground or deploying your parachute, you steal it! Not only do you instantly take control of the plane, you also replenish your fuel, rockets and bombs. Essential knowledge, pilots!

Rogue Aces Deluxe - the definitive 2D aerial combat roguelike - has launched TODAY on!

Explosive single player balletic chaos with sophisticated flight controls. With 1-4 player Dogfight Deathmatch modes and unlockable bonus games. Fly with panache and maintain your moustache!

We've taken our console hit Rogue Aces (over 500,000 copies downloaded and still doing strong!) and added a whole load of extra features to make the definitive version.  It's more explosive, more brutal, more chaotic... and we've even added local multiplayer party modes especially for this Deluxe release!

Check out our game page here

Rogue Aces Deluxe is the definitive 2D aerial combat roguelike... and we're excited to announce that we've just released a free demo here on for you to play!

The demo consists of a specially made 5 mission campaign, which is also randomly generated so it's never the same twice

It also contains one of our local multiplayer modes 'Pure Deathmatch' where you can take on up to 3 other friends in a dogfight to the death

You can grab the free demo here on our page:

Here's some gameplay highlights from the demo...

We're excited to hear what you think of it, so please be sure to leave us comments and feedback. If you enjoyed the demo, tell your friends!