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Haha that's great! Yeah, it's definitely good for kids, my kids loved it too. The physics can be a little unpredictable at times, so I'll definitely fix that up. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for taking the time to play it!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play it!

Great game that really embodies the theme. I also really like the mechanic, it would make a really lucrative mobile app. I would keep that in mind. Super fun! Great work!

An interesting game that's not too hard, it's pretty addictive. The only turn off is the unpredictable nature of when the strings cut. It seems procedural so it definitely has longevity, great work!

Really thought it was interesting in the fact that you don't directly control the car, but you speed up the cars you're focused on. Could grow, but with what it is now it reminds me of a mini-game

Definitely a change from the status quo of games these days. It's refreshing to have a game focused solely on the narrative and that leaves room for imagination. It's like an interactive book!

I like the classic pipe game haha, it's definitely a nice thinking game. Great job!

Nice point I definitely think the focus should be on stretching

Thanks Lucas, glad you enjoyed it. It's definitely better with two.

Really loved the art, the music reminds me of Lord of the Rings. Made me feel like I was back at home in the Shire. Thank you for that, my friend. Farewell.

I like the music for sure, the game is too hard for me haha, maybe I just suck. I couldn't get past level 2.

The concept seems cool, but it's near impossible to play because the camera is too close to the player and uncontrollable. I'd like to see it in the future with a new camera script!

I really enjoyed the art style, but the gameplay loop was really difficult to figure out. I like the idea as well having a submarine fighting pirates. I'd love to see it refined!

Not bad, my main complaint was already mentioned here. It was hard and unpredictable to control the character as if you pushed left it would go character left instead of screen left.

I like the game, really interesting mechanic. My only complaint was that it was too much of the same, but honestly it was really good!

Thanks for playing man! Yeah, the physics are odd, on the last level you have to pull the other player while jumping, but I shouldn't have to say that, it definitely needs to be more intuitive

Not a bad game, my only complaint is it's kind of repetitive and then the last level was very, very anti-climactic.

Very fun game! Just challenging enough to keep it interesting! Great work! Get a better laptop!

Dang, missing out haha

One of my favorite projects this game jam was Islannection (

Although it's not a finished game, it has a lot of promise with it's tile-placing mechanic.

Have you guys tried it out? What do you think?

Thanks so much!

It was a game that I could see the theme in. Keep up the game dev

Had a lot of fun playing, but I did get stuck pretty early on haha

Thanks for playing it!

Thanks for the notes and for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I'll update the physics for sure! Thanks for playing!

I agree with the comment below, I think it could be better if you give the other ghost a purpose. Keep the game dev coming!

Really enjoyed the game! I love the cinematics and everything. Looks like you really went to town on this one. No complaints, just keep up the good work!

Thanks for the criticism! I agree with you, I do intend to fix the physics which is the elephant in the room lol

Yeah, if/when I continue this project, the physics will be the first thing I'm gonna fine tune. I do like the gamey nature of flying away, but it seems to get in the way of the actual game more often than not.

Haha just like everyone, obviously the game is the issue. Thanks for trying it out man and letting me know!

Yeah, at the start I was really trying to figure out how to fix that issue, but I think I'm gonna stick with the same type of tracking. It's meant to be a multiplayer/difficult single player (think QWOP).

Thanks for trying it out and thanks for the criticism! 

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, it is a little much, but my kids and I were also enjoying flying across the map. For the last levels you can utilize the pulling mechanic and it's not too bad. I definitely intend to focus more time into it!

Alright thanks man

How do you mean chunky?