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Could I get a downloadable version of this?

Hey, could you add a toggle shadows button and maybe more options for bumping down the quality? I'm playing on a potato laptop and the shadows appear to be giving me some trouble. Just a few small things from being playable for me!

The auto aim never works and works too well at the same time. I try to shoot the guy 2 inches from my face, but I aim at the guy 10 feet away who hasn't noticed me. Oh, don't get me started on the AI. The hostage is such an idiot he makes Patrick Star look like Albert Einstein. Whenever i'm trying to sneak around, he runs around like a dog that saw a squirrel, and when someone sees him, he just stands there and says "Help!" like an idiot. I'm not even joking. He just stands there and does nothing for around 5 seconds.

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When I started the web version, I went to look at the settings, then the entire screen got crunched into the bottom left and I couldn't click anything.=|

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Does this game work on Linux PCs? I'm new to, so I don't really know.

Glory to Arstotzka!

Level 75. great game! i recommend!

I can't tell if this is endless or a campaign game.

Yeah. I had the same problem.

The auto aim is too much and too little at the same time. I try to shoot a guy about to shoot the mayor, and then i auto aim onto a guy who's just wandering around the floor. And sometimes i try to shoot somebody right in front of me, and i don't auto aim at all and miss. Also, sometimes bullets phase through enemies.

Agreed. I am currently typing with my feet and accidentally changed the size and font of the text. I have learned to use my toes like fingers. I sold my arms to win a fight. Why? Because i needed to succeed in life, so i opened a weapon shop using my money for other fighters. I am also in the Industrial Castle.

Iv'e been there. Even when you're a chicken nugget, he won't finish you off very easily.

Can you do it without arms? I'm getting close,but i can't finish it yet.

Nah, selling your left arm is better.

The mace is basically a better version of that, but you could get that instead of the bamboo.


EXTREMELY easy. It would be unplayable in my opinion.

So you WANT it to be unplayable?

Great game, but somewhat frustrating.

Hey man! I loved Red Handed!

I beat it!

This is one of the best games iv'e ever played. The art, the mechanics, and the gameplay. 11/10. I recommend.

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I found something. Speedrunners, you might wanna listen to this. On the level before the final level, if you get somebody to kill you, your corpse can clip through the door and get you to the final level.

Edit: It's the final level before the "Thanks for playing" one, and you can just walk through the right door. You don't even need to be killed and flung.



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No u 

What don't you like about it?

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Choco is a  Bingus

no u


All i wanted was an umbrella, and they sawed off my foot.

I somewhat agree

Very coo idea indeed.

Bambus Finger sounds like some cheesy 90's movie.

But it's so EaSy

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That would be useless! Why would you sell limbs to repair others? All you have to do is buy weapons and the game is still somewhat easy! Blood is so valuable, and even if you made it super cheap, it would be even more OP!

You don't need to buy every weapon, just whichever ones you'd like.

Bamboo rules

Left arm. (The protagonist's left)

My strategy: Sell your left arm before the first fight, buy the bamboo, buy the spear, buy the mace.