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Hi! Since the last update, the Extension has been giving some compile errors.

As you can see in the video, the problem persists even in a new project.
Older versions are still functioning normally, so I'll stick with that in the meantime. Again, you can contact on twitter if necessary, thanks.

Awesome! I'll keep that in mind until the next update.
Thanks for the help.

Sorry I took so long to reply, I could sewear that I was following you on twitter :/, welp, now I am, you should be able to contact me there now.

1. Nothing like that, the closest thing I have is "ia_combat_state", but even when I renamed the enum, the problem persisted.
2. Yes! Here, I uploaded a project for you to test it
Again, not sure what it is, when compiling without gmlive, it works perfectly. I'll try to do some testing in my end, regarding firewalls, if I manage to solve the issue I'll let you know.

Also, using live_call on the create event seems to give some errors as well.


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The title says all, this is my macros.gml script:

enum ia_combat //Current state of the IA
    neutral,    //default behaviour
    suspicious, //when hears a suspicious sound, go investigate
    alert,        //hears an alarming sound, warns nearby teammates
    fighting    //engaged combat, with player, shooting warns teammates

When I atempt to use the macro on the Enemy's Begin step, this happens:

[live][16:56:46] Runtime error: obj_enemy_simple:Step_1[L34,c11] `100274` (obj_enemy_simple) does not have a variable `ia_combat`

Even tho it works perfectly when not using live_result() on Begin Step;

System information:
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bits.
GMS2 IDE: v2.1.3.189

Please, feel free to contact me via Twitter if necessary, it's the easiest way to reach me: @ThiagoJaqueta

EDIT: Odly, this only happens at this specific situation, I'm trying to find out what is causing this, but when I do this at the draw event, it works perfectly.

    var combat_str="";
            case ia_combat.neutral: combat_str="Neutral"; break;
            case ia_combat.suspicious: combat_str="Suspicious"; break;
            case ia_combat.alert: combat_str="Alert"; break;
            case ia_combat.fighting: combat_str="Fighting"; break;

I really like the gameplay, it feels very tactical and unique. However, it could use some Feedback improvement, for instance, some weapons can only be shot after aiming down the sights, and I only realized that after my 5th death. Maybe this could be done by changing the cross-hair or drawing a Laser/Line when you can shot the weapon.

The game suffers from A LOT of pixel distortion, the application surface is too small, and camera rotation and movement only make it worse, please give an option to change the window size and allow the game to use Half Pixels, it will look great.

The weapons feels great, but some of them doesn't make much sense, there's an WW2 weapon, but also a Laser Sniper Rifle (?), it doesn't fits. besides that, they mostly feel nice and the sound effects are great.

I like the enemy AI, nice job.

The aesthetic is great, but it needs improvement, specially on the level design, most rooms are huge, and they don't have a purpose, add some props and variety to them.

The game is definitely worth to keep a look at. (btw, the Discord link is down).

Can't wait to see where it's going. Good luck with the project, it does have a ton of potential.

- Thiago Jaqueta.