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Thanks! Great gameplay! :)

Glad you like it! Thanks for your support!

Thank you so much for your support! So glad you like the game! Yeah, already working on optimizing that load times. Could you give me an example of that typos? I'm not a native english speaker but I thought everything was ok :_) 

PS: I absolutely love the rap part! :D

I'm happy you like the game that much! This comment made my day! Thank you for your support on the crowdfunding, I really appreciated. Hey, guys, listen to Michael and support too! XD
Really enjoyed your gameplay, I had so much fun watching it (your accent is so cool). Already subscribed to your channet and waiting for the second part. A lot of suprises awaits...

Thank you!!😁

Great gameplay! Thank you for your support!


Wow thanks! Great gameplay! (I want cookies now) XD

Wow, thank you! Glad you like it. Great gameplay and great dancing too! :D

Great gameplay! Thank you for your support! You've left the demo at a good point for a second part, don't worry. Good job! :)

Thanks! Great gameplay!

Hi! I totally agree with you. After watching several youtubers I drew the same conclusions. I'm preparing a new demo update changing this details to give better experience to the gamers. An also, deleting the maze scene (which everybody hates XD). Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you like the story. Can't wait to see people reaction to the full version. Things are going to get really dark...

Wow! Thank you! :)

Gracias! Espero que te guste :)

Thank you! :D

Ok, I'll think about it. Thanks for the feedback!

I thought only developers would know the "trick" to solve the maze, but I was totally wrong XD I watched the gameplays, some people don't know it, but others like you just click and wait. I'm thinking of getting rid of the maze on the final version. I don't want the game to get boring at that part for this reason. What do you think? 

WOW, Ocaso's voice was SO COOL! How did you do that? I believed you were a demon for a moment XD Taking the credit card is part of the game I'm afraid. It's just a puzzle, don't take too seriously. But, yeah, you are totally right. Stealing is bad for karma! :)

Thanks! Awesome video, so funny! Sorry for the bugs, I'll fix that in the next version.

Great gameplay! So happy you like the demo. Thank you for your support!

Oh yes! The characters' names were messed up on that scene. I uploaded a new version where this issue is fixed. Thank you for pointing it out. Great gameplay!

Thank you for your comment and support! So happy you like it!

Thank you for the gameplay! Love every minute of it.

Thank you for your support! I'll check it out, GDWC seems so interesting!

Thank you for your awesome gameplay! So happy you like the demo. Love the signature with a little pentagram star! :D

Thank YOU for this amazing gameplay! Also thanks for the advice, I'll take that into account to improve the final version of the game. Love the voices, so much fun!

Thank you! So glad you like it!

Demons Never Lie is a graphic adventure made with voxel and low-poly where even your soul is at stake. An incredible and dark story with the typical elements of the classic point&click and visual novels. An exciting interactive experience with a unique atmosphere.

Watch the trailer here: