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I will solve some bugs soon, but for the moment no major update, because I have a bigger project in development and it will be a commercial one.

Thank you very much for playing Captain Smash. I really appreciate your review. You left me speechless and I have no words to express how grateful I am for what you did. Do you have a twitter account to give credit?

Thank you again.

Thank you for your feedback! :) I made some adjustments and the levels are more forgiving and respawns a little faster. When  you have time think of trying it again. There is a boss at the end.

Hi. I am really sorry for the level 3. I am working on making it good. I had some bugs with the game and I am working hard on fixing them. Glad that you liked it so far. There are 5 levels. At the end there is a boss. Tomorrow I will add the version 1.0 of the game for Win and Mac. Would you like to try it then?

Thanks. Working on making the final version. Tomorrow will be released. I will consider putting checkpoints :)

Hunt as many slimes as you can before the time's up!

It was created during the GDL game jam in 3 days. 

Feedback is much appreciated!

Download link:

Hey thank you! Fixed it! The new version is called Winx32 - bugFixes

Hey! Fixed it! I don't know why it didn't work in that build because before building it worked ok! The new version is called Winx32 - bugFixes

At the end of the game is the score different from 0? If so, then the damage works. Thanks for checking out the game. Will solve it!

Simple and nice. Loved it!

The world is in imbalance and only the Yin Yang Guardians can bring back the order.

Fight the Yin Yang monsters, but be careful!
There is one rule: White defeats black and Black defeats white

Let's see how many days you can keep the world in balance

If you like the game, please support by sharing it to others!

Echo of Light

„It is the light within us that shows us what our own story is about. So let it shine!"

A story which follows a fallen angel in his quest to reclaim his wings. Join Iru in his journey of redemption and find out if an angel can decide his destiny.

Check it out on Android: