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I added a few of your suggestions :)

Cool game, but I didn't manage to solve the 3 ball puzzle.

This sounds stupid, but two of the three balls shot out of bounds as soon as I touched them  8^)

Oh wow! I don't even know what to reply.

Thank you so much!

I am going to do my best :)

I just watched the stream.

It was just awesome seeing someone else play my game, thank you for that :). I think everything you said can help me improve for my next gamedesign.

One aspect I realized is:

You guys didn't find any of the secrets (on stream atleast) ^^. The overworld has one, the tutorial one and each level has 3 

This feels kind off like "Osu!", but better in my opinion.

And I have to admit, at first I just wanted to play test it, but then I just kept playing. Way to go, I love your work.

The shield not working when you are moving towards the enemy is not intended, but kind off is.

The shield is programmed to slow the enemy down to its startingspeed in a 3 secound time window and not to prevent any kind of collision. The short range of the slow combined with the collision not being turned off forces you to use your only shield in a really controlled fashion, because you can still accidentally run into the enemy.

Saving your highest score and a Indikator are great ideas for additions.

Thank you NeptunianEclipse

Oh yeah I noticed that, too.

 But there isnt`t a delay for me, accept for the animation/sound that is.

Did you mean this delay or was there another before/after that?

What will this mechanic be?

Just curious :)

Thanks Elena for the heads-up,

but could you tell me which bugs specifically? I would love to lookthe up in my script and pinpoint the origin of them :)