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Nice demo and really fun gameplay, good job :) 

Really cool game, nice work :) 

Hi everyone,

We just launch the Kickstarter Campaign for Cybel!

We are very excited to show a glimpse of what the game is beyond the Demo - with gameplay and concepts.

Kickstarter page :

Some rewards are limited, don't miss out on the early tiers if you're interested. We have physical rewards: prints, stickers - and even pin's if we reach the stretch goal. 

We also made an update to the demo, fixed some issues and added a bit of story with an introduction video. 

Try it now on our itch io page :

Hope you like it :) 

Alex & Léo 

Really impatient to try it :D

Thanks :)

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Hey everyone!

We're a team of two and we've been working since the begining of the year on a game : CYBEL

Cybel is a frantic top-down shooter set in a unique occult science-fiction universe. You play as Cybel, a girl who will climb the floors of a heavily defended industrial tower to find revenge, with the help of 3 witches. To be up to the task, Cybel will find supernatural powers in a pact with 3 mysterious witches. The pact is simple : in exchange for immense powers, Cybel have to destroy the tower and kill everything in it. Her memories of the pact are vague but her thirst for revenge is crystal clear. Quenching her burning desire for vengeance is her one and only goal.


We just launch our last big update : Bloodmoon and new weapons (Full devlog here)

A lot of new features come with this launch:

  •  A hard mode
  • New weapons to unlock
  • Rework of some levels
  • Easter eggs
  • Online Leaderboard (Steam version)
  • Achievements (Steam version)

and the more important Our Kickstarter launches this very month ! (June 2021).

It will launch with an overview of the final game, a description of the 3 chapters with concepts and screenshots, and we can't wait to show it all.

You can try the full demo on or on Steam to access the Leaderboard and Achievements.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any feedback (Our mail :

We hope you enjoy it :D

Alex and Léo

Never thought work was that fun.

Looks cool :)

Very good looking game !
Congrat :)

It's a funny game, the concept of changing characters is cool :)

A good platformer, i really enjoyed playing it :)

Creepy, funny and challenging ! Nice job ;)

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It was really fun to play, congrats ! 

Hi everyone!

We're a team of 2 working on our first game : Cybel. It's a frantic top down shooter with a mix of 2D and 3D. 

We've put a first version here and already recieved some very helpful feedback. We know this type of game is very demanding when it comes to the controls and game feel in general, so we ask for your feedback : 

  •  Did you feel the controls or movement were sometimes unnatural or impairing?
  •  Did you get lost in the levels looking for objectives?
  • Did you find that the difficulty was too high or too low?

If you have feeback on anything else, please share it with us ! :) every bit helps.

The page:

Cybel is pleased 

We're having a lot of fun with this project so far and seeing that people actually play it is unbelievably motivating :,D

Thank you!

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Cybel : a frantic top down shooter.  

Hi everyone, we are a team of two people and we've been working on this project for 3 month now. Cybel is a top down shooter whith rewind mechanics. You play as Cybel the elevator witch and your mission when the elevator stop is to kill everyone on the floor.

Hope you'll be intrerested in trying the beta :

Hello everyone, and thank you for being here. 

Le poulet ultime is simple a puzzle game when you only have to get out of the room, but on every level the rules to get out are different.

It's totally free, and you can download it on the google play store, or you can go see the page 

I do not know what to say to you, other than: test it and have fun

I  hope you  will enjoy it, any feedback are welcome :D