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I uploaded another video about some of the news.
I want to build a very simple quest item system into the game.
An object that can be picked up that opens a gate 
or provides some other way forward. It can vary,
but no one should think about a complicated thing. 
I put a barrel of toxic gas leaking into the program. 
A new piece of music has also been added to the second boss! 
Nothing in the video is final yet, everything is just a test. 
Each boss will have a different look and feel! 
I hope I will spend more time developing the game these days. 
Sorry for any grammatical errors! I'm not good at English, 
so I'm using a google translator!  
I deleted the Demo because it was not suitable to present 
the game well. Beyond that, 
I'd rather illustrate the development with videos!
Goodbye everybody!

Types of enemies at present.

The uploaded demo is still a developer version only. Eg the Board at the beginning is just a jump to the first boss. Furthermore, story-telling and tutorial items are not put in place either. I will want to change these later. That makes testing faster for me.

The goal is primarily to get something done all the way through, even regardless of the end result. Of course, it is always good, especially in Hungary (low pay), if you can make money with your hobby. I don’t want to be rich from this, so I’m not even squabbling, but maybe if it’s done I’d sell it for a few bucks. Unfortunately, due to my mental state, I have a hard time getting him started. A year ago, I dealt with him a lot at this time. It’s not easy alone, but I don’t know how I would make it with teammates. Thank you for the nice words! If I didn’t manage to get those things somewhere, it’s my fault, but since I’m not an artist, I don’t do everything well. Even English can only be described using google translator unfortunately! :) Of course I will describe later texts in the game with help. Greetings: Tamás.

Thank you very much!


It would be an enemy type. When you are away from it, it collapses and is invulnerable. If you get close, they will open up and you can attack, but he can also attack in a random artillery-like way.

Here is one kind of enemy, not yet ready to attack and all the animation.

I uploaded the current state.


- Movement: Left and Right Arrow Keys

- Jump: Up Arrow

- Shot: Ctrl

-Grenade throw: Q


You can smash the boxes by holding down the down arrow while falling to get to the top of the box.

Here is a short video about the current state of the game!

Thank you very much dear megamarc!
Forgive me for the inconvenience. Not your product is bad, but I don’t understand it in that form. For AGK-like standalone programs maybe even. Currently, 001 Game Creator is what I can handle successfully, but I looked at the options next to it, although for me as an amateur developer I think it remains the ideal platform. Once again, I apologize for wanting to request a refund, unfortunately where I live even that counts as a lot of money. Thank you for being forgiving! Sincerely, Tamás Samai!
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Dear Seller! I can't signal in any other way than that. I bought the program, but unfortunately it is useless to me. It’s my fault because I don’t speak English well and I misunderstood the product. I thought it was a standalone editor like game maker and similar programs. I can’t utilize it in this form, so if I can, I want to ask for a refund! I apologize for the inconvenience!