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I uploaded another video about some of the news.
I want to build a very simple quest item system into the game.
An object that can be picked up that opens a gate 
or provides some other way forward. It can vary,
but no one should think about a complicated thing. 
I put a barrel of toxic gas leaking into the program. 
A new piece of music has also been added to the second boss! 
Nothing in the video is final yet, everything is just a test. 
Each boss will have a different look and feel! 
I hope I will spend more time developing the game these days. 
Sorry for any grammatical errors! I'm not good at English, 
so I'm using a google translator!  
I deleted the Demo because it was not suitable to present 
the game well. Beyond that, 
I'd rather illustrate the development with videos!
Goodbye everybody!