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Link to the game on itch-io

Link to the game on Stream Greenlight

Check out the trailer here:


The Last Galaxy is at war. . . .

The evil Ergling Empire is making its way across space enslaving countless alien civilisations and destroying entire galaxies in its wake. Many species have run from their home worlds in a desperate attempt to avoid certain annihilation at the hands of the superior Ergling forces. A few brave souls, however, have chosen to stand their ground and fight against the seemingly unstoppable onslaught of the villainous alien invaders. . . .

Game Features:

  • Wrap-around (Asteroids-style), horizontal, and vertical scrolling levels
  • Homing Missiles, Super Beam, Bounce Gun, bombs, shields, and more
  • Classic arcade gameplay and hectic shooting action
  • Old-school 16-bit graphics
  • Retro-challenging difficulty
  • Unique loot boxes and bonus levels
  • Aim for the high score
  • Full controller support
  • Steam cards

Game status:

The game is about 20% complete in terms of content, and 70% in code. I am looking to release it asap as part of Early Access (priced around $2.99), with many more levels, enemies, and bosses planned. All player feedback is appreciated, be it positive or negative, and any comments/criticism will help with both ironing out any bugs/issues and deciding where to take the game going forward. Also, thanks for taking the time to check out my game. :-)

Try the Free Demo:
Link to current demo version

Note: The link is entirely safe and virus free. It's just a single runtime .exe (4.3MB) uploaded onto my own website.