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It depends on your Pledge level.  You can see the Kickstarter update where we detailed all the IDs with previews of how they would look, as well as how they'd work, here:

Hello BiZZ! The digital IDs were rewards for certain pledge levels, so it depends what level you backed at. If you backed at Informal Collaborator or above you should've received by email at least one digital ID with an access code that you can enter in this Rewards section.

If you can't find any emails from us, drop me a line at with your kickstarter email address and I can take a look for you.

03.10.2018: v1.2.10881

Version 1.2: NEW GAME +

  • After completing a campaign, you can begin a New Game + campaign, keeping your previous purchases and loadout
  • New Game + campaigns are always on VERY HARD difficulty and enemies have +1 health. Permadeath and the Decision Timer are always enabled, and resetting a Mission costs 1000 credits.
  • After completing a New Game + campaign, you can start a new one where enemies have an additional health point. You can continue this forever
  • If you've previously completed the game, you can convert an existing campaign to New Game +

Other changes and bug fixes

  • Added a button to reset control mapping (requires restart)
  • Losing a mission when permadeath is enabled only fails the campaign if the player is dead
  • Fixed issue where you can't progress if dynamic tutorials are enabled and you finish a combat with an empty weapon
  • Fixed issues with the mission objectives in the Kill Dragan Muller mission
  • Fix for enemies that spawn during missions not being properly removed if you undo to before they were spawned
  • Fix for walls not being properly hidden during the drop
  • Improved handling for audio device loss
  • Fix for issues when attempting to combine clicking action buttons with the mouse with pressing space to confirm actions
  • Fixed some issues with dialogues in the Infiltrate Private Suite mission

8.03.2018: v1.1.10627

Version 1.1: LAST MINUTES

  • Added Portuguese-Brazilian translation
  • New music track: Last Minutes by muuutsch[]
  • New room type: Bathrooms
  • New Labroom furniture and layouts
  • New clubber character variations
  • Triggering a weapon scanner now has a sound


  • Added some variation to story NPC clothing
  • Projectiles, blood and hit FX now have different styles based on the enemy and weapon type that shot them
  • Improved player weapon FX
  • Added more neon to outer club walls
  • Drop camera now has walls correctly hidden and has fewer cuts, improved framing and depth of field blur
  • Clubbers will now begin the mission more evenly distributed throughout the club
  • Added some water bird sounds to the Glienicke sections
  • Adjusted Dodge, Ambient Dialogue and Tactical Danger sounds
  • Lowered cost of using undo in dialogues

Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance in later, larger levels
  • Fixed some badly setup wall corner pieces
  • Fix for some bars not having bottles etc on the bar and having some tiles blocked that shouldn’t be
  • Fixed various achievements that weren’t correctly unlocking
  • Fixed relative volume of sounds vs music vFix for lighting pop when final cutscene begins
  • Fix for Kai opening doors without being told to after winning a backroom dialogue
  • Fixed various typos
  • Fix for main menu music playing at 3x volume in some situations
  • Drones no longer clip into doors

26.01.2018: Beta 9136

New Features

  • All missions are now part of 3-mission narrative “arcs”
  • Campaigns now always consist of 4 arcs
  • After each arc there’s a narrative debriefing section on the Glienicke Brucke
  • New mission: Identify Target
  • Added more narrative to the missions that had very little
  • Completed campaigns get a score and time that’s posted to a global leaderboard
  • New room type: private storage hallways
  • Bartenders will now offer you a drink (drink names and descriptions from backers)
  • Clubs will now have a “Celebrity” NPC who will welcome you to the club and party (NPC, Party and many Club names from backers)
  • Many NPCs will now have new portraits (portraits and names from backers)
  • Added new “Nudity & Profanity” option (defaults to on!)


  • Added a wider variety of club sizes, with larger clubs towards the end of a campaign
  • Added a wider variety of club courtyard sizes and placement locations
  • Enemy groups now spawn in a wider variety of combinations of enemy types
  • Hacking costs increased
  • Room sizes are now more evenly distributed, instead of the rooms closest to the entrance normally being the biggest
  • Weapon scanners can now be found throughout a club
  • Clubs may contain patrolling enemies from the beginning of a mission
  • Club entrances now display the club name in glowing neon scripts
  • More detailed mission descriptions
  • When exfiltrating during combat, that combat will be dropped before the mission ends
  • In the “Group Elimination” mission, the targets escape points are now marked by big black cars
  • Added some pazzazz to the Persuador shooting sound

Bug fixes

  • Fix for out-of-sync music on windows
  • Fix for dialogues that reference club names not containing the correct text
  • Persuador Mk2 & Mk3 have correct names
  • Tunnel Elevator in “Shut down tunnel” mission is no longer high cover
  • Wall hiding based on cursor position is active even during scripts
  • Computers can now contain collectible IDs

Wound up with the exact same problem. I got to the second zone, quit, and when i restarted saw the main menu for the first time. Clicked continue, and there I was.

You can find my whole AppData folder zipped up here:

Alpha 5 features a new game mode in DAILY CHALLENGES! Read more about the update in this announcement.

The next update will be coming towards the end of December.

===22.11.2017: Alpha 8044===


New Features 

Daily Challenges

  • You can now play a new, randomly generated mission every day in the form of a Daily Challenge
  • Each challenge can only be attempted once
  • Everybody plays the same mission each day

Player Animations

  • New animations for shooting and dashing
  • Updated walking animation
  • New poses for being in cover and dead

New Sounds

  • Enemy weapons have their own set of sounds
  • Player weapon sounds have an extra ‘servo’ element
  • New UI, interaction, dashing and dialogue sounds


  • Added new Nemesis enemy type (still a work in progress!)
  • Tuned the health of enemies
  • Adjusted the group composition of enemy spawns


  • Added more variety to Backroom dialogues
  • Permadeath is now off by default
  • Added difficulty display to mission briefing
  • During the Drop, sections where no combat actions happen will be skipped over
  • The first 3 missions of a campaign are always connected by a narrative instead of completely random
  • The Campaign Map is only available after the first 3 missions have been played, and there is a choice of missions
  • Tweaked some lighting settings
  • If the player doesn’t have enough Time Resource to Dash, normal walking with happen instead
  • If the player doesn’t have enough Time Resource to perform other actions, Kai will say so
  • Waiting in combat now requires confirmation
  • Cyber Fist is now only usable in combat mode (tutorial updated to reflect this)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bad performance when many Drones were following the player
  • Fixed issues where Drop would begin much earlier than it should
  • Fix for drones playing their shooting animation when not shooting
  • Fixed text wrapping in mission briefing screen
  • Danger markers are displayed during tutorials that teach player about danger
  • If the player dies during a tutorial, the death tutorial has priority
  • Fix for tiles that contain large objects not getting properly explored
  • Fix for grid not displaying on Linux
  • Fix for music going out of sync on Linux and Mac
  • Fix for the Left Arrow key not being bindable in the controls menu
  • Drones no longer fall through the floor when destroyed
  • Bartenders should stay behind the bar, and other NPCs won’t go behind the bar
  • Fix for weapons not being displayed on the HUD in some configurations
  • Fixed some inconsistencies when low cover is provided by a stunned enemy
  • Fix for Time Resource cost not being displayed for some interactable items (like the weapon scanner)
  • Dynamic Tutorials are disabled in the training simulator
  • Friendly Drone deaths are not counted as Human Casualties
  • Fixed some chairs counting as low cover when they shouldn’t

RPG ELEMENTS features new player upgrades, more enemy types, and improved AI behaviours: read the full announcement here!

The next update will be coming towards the end of November.

We've updated the build today with our third major update: BASIC TRAINING! Read all about it here!

Our next update will be RPG ELEMENTS, arriving in October.

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Today we've launched a new build that addresses some of the most pressing feedback we've heard since launching on Early Access. You can read about all the details in this devlog.

The next update with new features and content will be dropping in September! I'll update this post when we have an exact date! In the meantime, thank you all so much for your feedback, it's been really useful - keep it coming!

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As the game is still in development (and in Alpha), you may encounter problems when playing. Some of them we already know about but haven't been able to fix for the current build. Sorry if you run into these problems! Please know they're on our list and we'll do our best to fix them soon.

General issues

  • The game crashes on startup with certain USB or Bluetooth audio devices connected
    Workaround: if you get a crash on startup that includes the line "FSubmixEffectReverb::OnProcessAudio", try disabling or disconnecting any USB or Bluetooth audio devices and try starting the game with your computer's default audio device only
  • Some users hear pops and crackles on certain audio tracks.
    Workaround: If you experience this, try lowering the "Maximum Audio Loops" slider in the Audio Options.