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Hey man, just thought of your game again. I'm really glad you're still working on it because I already enjoy the game as it stands a lot, and I'm excited about where it could go. 

Thanks for continuing to work on this!

I've tested all of the Z level locations I've come across and they all act the same. I've probably tried using Z levels at at least three different locations.

I've looked and nothing is corrupted. 

I've realized why it doesn't work. I wasn't pressing Z to travel to a new level, I was hitting the contextual prompt on screen that should let you travel between Z levels. I do this occasionally when playing and it has worked properly for other actions so I just assumed it would work for traveling between Z levels as well. 

If i press the z key on my keyboard everything acts as it should.

Would you still like to take a look at my save, Artur?

I was in the middle of scouting and for a lark decided to try and use a rock for my poacher ability "poison arrow" or "exploding arrow" because it seems like it would be really amusing to blow someone up with a rock. I thought that was what I was doing until I looked a bit closer and noticed that I was still holding the rocks,  and my supply of arrows was going down as I shot them. They still had the range of a rock throw so I didn't notice initially. To test this I used all of my arrows exploding a cultist and then, sure enough, once I ran out of arrows and had just the two rocks in hand I could no longer use my poacher abilities that needed arrows. 

So by holding a rock and having arrows in your quiver slot, you fire the arrows using poacher abilities. 

Quite an amusing bug to find, but I'm sure that's not how it's supposed to work.

Hi, I'm playing on the most recent update (2.4) and i seem completely unable to use the Z level function of the game. Whenever I do the game essentially freezes until I open a menu (like inventory, or esc menu) and then I can move again, but i don't travel a Z level. 

Is this a feature to be added in later or am I missing something?