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Sorry for I broke my word about new version after voting because I have a really important test on 21th September, and there's still some unfinished progress. I'm sure I'll upload before October, sorry again!

Thanks! I'll upload a longer version after voting

Thanks!  What I meant is actually when you come out of room 201 you'll have to deal with that collider problem. I set room 201 useless on purpose because the real important part is the coming monster when you come out of the room, and that's why I never entered it when I tested the level and did'nt notice the colliders  overlaped. The witch creature's mechanic is not finished, and even no machanic for the tree woman, which suppoed to be the final boss... That's why I felt quite disappointed and frustrated after I submitted the game, because I thougt the game was totally unfinished and broken. I'm really surprised and moved to see so much feedback and even playthrough video. I'm still working on this project, and I'll upload a new web version as soon as voting is over. For what I had no time to add in the end of the game, thank you for playing!

Please tell me I'm not the only one that lost 9 games continuously...

Thanks! I failed to build a Web version before submission deadline, a Gameplay video is really helpful. I truly appreciate it!

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Thanks! After I created the level that you met another girl, there were only few hours for the following levels. I don't have time to write any story line anymore because it would require more coding and sound effects, it should be playable immediately after I throw prefabs in the map. When it came to the tall women there are only ten minutes left. So I tatally gave it up, write little code and sumbit immediately, even no time to build a webGL version. The ending is awkward because there should be 'Thank you for playing' on the screen and I didn't have time to do that. I spent too much time on arts and shader, but most of them are useless without levels and storys. Especially the shader works fantastic to bind pixel arts and other art styles together, so I have lots of ways to tell a story, but in the end there aren't any other art style. Consequently the game turned from a horror game into a puzzle game in the middle, and the game emotion is ruined. After a long sleep I rethought everything and felt really unsatisfied and disappointed. I think I will build a team to finish the game. The concept is still good, but the game needs to be recontructed totally. 

I miss it because I upload a 17M game for 15 minutes and still not finishing. F*k it.

I was thinking that all the screenshots would be totally spolier for this game, so why not just mess it up XD

Thanks! Great appreciation for your feedback and suggestiongs.

I'm still travelling in Japan, so I don't have much time to play other games or reply comments,  but I'm really inspired and come up with lots of ideas. I never thought about make it into a mobile game. It's an excellent idea.

Can't wait to go back home and keep working on this game : )

Yeah, you can see or control only one thing at a time

505 seconds with 30 time pieces! EZ Clap