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I finally got to play it, a very nice game, great job :)

Great game, very fun concept!

Great game!

Thanks! And yes I am aware of the bug with the walk animation, I will fix it very soon. I wish it could be played with a controller, but I don't have one.

Thanks for you feedback!

Of course, Im happy to help :)


Use a graphic tablet, and the program I use is Clip Studio Paint. Thanks for your feedback!

Con esa lógica no veo sentido a que la Jam tenga un tema, ya que cualquier juego tiene un "espacio",  físico o literal.  "espacio de trabajo" sí me parece un buen ejemplo, pero  deformar la palabra para convertir cualquier juego en "espacio", no me parece correcto.  Piensa un poco :)

I spent a long time trying to play, but I can't get out of the introduction, I suppose that there is something that I do not see, or it is a problem with the resolution of my monitor. But nice art :)

Great game, and with a very nice art.

Great game, I like that it has so many configuration options. But the game feels empty and repetitive very quickly.

Thanks for the feedback! I would have liked the game to have the option to play with a controller, but I don't have a controller, and even if I did, I don't think I would have had time. I am aware of the bug with the walk animation. Thx :)

jumping on the enemy is supposed to give you enough momentum to climb onto the platform, after that you use the dash, and touch the sign that says "Start Combat". I hope I've helped :)

Oh, maybe it's not very well explained. Jumping on the enemy's head is the tutorial, after that he explains how to use the dash, and then the game begins for real.

Great game, I liked the details that when shooting shells fall to the ground. The game feels a bit empty of enemies but it's pretty good.

The game is very good, nice graphics and good sfx. The only problem I have is losing, I don't know how to get back to the main menu, a face stares at the screen and I don't know how to get out. :)

Veo que hablas español así que te comento en español uwu.  No veo que tenga que ver con el tema "Space" pero quitando eso el juego está genial, es muy satisfactorio comer frutitas, y muy adictiva la mecánica de conseguir frutas para mejorar mis estadísticas.

I spent a long time trying to find out what my purpose was, but only enemies appeared and killed me, I don't know what the use of putting firewood on the campfire, nor the functionality of the fish in the inventory. Visually it is beautiful, it hurts that there is not a tutorial that explains the mechanics of the game.

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked it :)

Thanks for your comment! The jam does not allow me to update the project so I cannot fix the error with the animations. And yes, it would be great to see the full game, when the Jam is over I will take advantage of the mechanics that I developed here to apply them in a similar game.

The main mechanics are interesting, a shame the game is so short.

The game is great, the only bad thing I see is the collisions, sometimes the asteroid doesn't touch my ship but I still lose. removing that detail the game is pretty good :)

Simple and very nice, I like the artistic style and SFX. great job :)

I don't see the connection to the jam theme, but it's a great game!

excellent game, good adherence to the theme, and with very nice graphics. :)

Great job, visually pretty, simple, and the theme fits perfectly.

Great game, nice to play and visually pretty :)

A simple and quite nice game, but I don't understand what it has to do with the "space" theme.

The game is visually beautiful, the sounds fit in very well with the rest of the game. The only thing I could complain about is the difficulty curve and a small error with the life bar that appears in the interface. Good job :)

The game is very repetitive, but apart from that I liked it, something simple and well done, a very useful minimap, and very satisfactory when shooting.

The game is very visually pleasing and the soundtrack blends very well with the rest of the game, good job!

Thanks a lot! Those kinds of comments make me very happy, and sorry to hear about the error with the walking animation, I will try to fix it. :)

Hi, I saw the Jam on and when I started looking for information on VTM it really fascinated me, but now that I have started developing my game, I have several questions about concepts that I would like someone to tell me if they are well implemented. The idea of my game is that you are part of the nosferatu clan and due to the arrival of the second inquisition and the fall of ShreckNET, the player must complete missions ordered by the Camarilla in broad daylight, and the entire game will be based on no break the masquerade.

I was completely unaware of The world of darkness, and the whole plot seems quite complex to me, so I would like to know if I did a good job with the general idea of my game :)