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Loved every bit of this game! 

Really loved the concept of this game! 

This game is such a cool concept! 

This is such an amazing game! 

This is certainly a strange VN, very captivating and interesting to read through! 

This was such a great game to play! Especially loved the art and designs! 

Such an interesting game. Had a ton of fun playing it! 

Such a cool little arcade game! 

Any game where you can play as such a cute animal always have a special place in my heart! 

This was such an amazing game to play. Had an absolute blast!

Loved every part of this game! 

Such a quirky little game! Absolutely adore it! 

Who wouldn't want to adopt a little demon when they look that adorable! 

This was certainly a strange yet existential game that was well worth the time to play through! 

Can't wait to play the full game, the demo certainly hooked me in! 

Love the adorable little robots! 

Who doesn't love moving sheep into their crates and the odd sacrifice or two! 

Such a cute game!

I adore this game! It's artstyle and story are really good! 

I found this game really interesting and loved the story! 

This was an interesting concept for a game :) 

This is such a cute game! 

The artstyle is certainly the highlight of the game :) 

I've always enjoyed this kind of gameplay, plus I really love the are style! 

There's something charming about this game that I can't quite place 

This VN resonated with me more than i thought it ever would. 

This was certainly an strange, yet interesting, game to play 

I got a bit stuck on where to go next but I did enjoy what little I did play 

This game may have broken my brain a couple of times but I thoroughly enjoyed what I played!

This really brought back my childhood! :D 

This was certainly challenging but very enjoyable! 

This is such a cool and cute game! 

I really love the concept of this and it's certainly challenging at times! 

Really loved everything about this game! 

This was quite fun to play through, even though I got stuck on a few of them. 

A very simple but fun game to play! 

This was such a cute game! 

Really love me a good Christmas themed VN!