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Such a cool story with beautiful artwork! 

A spooky yet touching VN! The characters all had a unique charm to them! 

This is such an awesome gimmick for a demo! 

Love the concept and all the unique characters! 

Such an awesome little VN! 

Loved reading through this and hearing the different side of a story through, not only a different perspective, but by totally unique ways! 

As someone who deals with severe social anxiety this VN certainly tugged at my heartstrings. It's nice to see it so well represented!

All the characters were very interesting and being on a ship stuck in the arctic with a potential killer was certainly unnerving! 

Loved the little alien creatures and exploring the islands! 

I love the idea of this story, and the characters all fit so well into the universe. 

Truly loved the story and writing! 

I loved the aspect of visiting all these worlds while trying to save our own! 

I really liked the story of this and the unique art style of the characters! 

This was such a wholesome VN! I really loved the art styles of the characters! 

Such a cool VN! 

I loved the cute frog world! 

This was such a fun game to play through! 

Loved this game! 

Such an amazing game! Absolutely loved the visual style!

This was such a cute, and fun, game! 

An awesome VN with a story that kept me itching to know more! 

Such a sweet little game! 

Such an awesome little VN! Already love the world of V:TM so I enjoyed digging my teeth into this too! 

Such an intriguing story and loved the art on it! 

Such a lovely game about spending time with Grandma! It certainly brought back some memories of going mushroom picking with my own parents!

This was really short but certainly got the point across! Hopefully, one day, Palestine and its people will be free! 

All the mini games were certainly interesting! 

Loved all the interactions with the characters, and espcially loved the character portraits!

Thoroughly enjoyed this! Loved all the characters (especially Mint!) and the story telling was excellent.

Really loved the main characters idgaf and blunt nature at times. Lead to some really interesting and funny interactions! 

I really loved the concept of this and all the mysteries within! 

This is such a cool story concept with such beautiful art!

Loved every moment of this VN. Chet and Sol are so cute together! 

I adore the visuals in this! 

This game is excellent! I love how it incorporated so many asain folklore! 

Although I've never experienced what the character has gone through it sure made me feel like it! Such a great game and absolutely love the art! 

I had a blast with this game! I loved the slow build up with only noticing small details changing before throwing you into the weirdness! 

The art-style is so unique and cool! Also the fighting in this game is a lot of fun!

This was such a cute little game :) 

Who knew a game about fighting slimes could be so dark and depressing