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A member registered Sep 15, 2016

Recent community posts

I really like it! The gameplay is very fun and original for this sort of game, and the art looks great.

Some ideas for future development:

  • Defensive stance and passive regeneration are a bit too good. Lower numbers on the passive regen and limited access to strong attacks while on defense would help balance them out.
  • The encounter rate could decrease every time an enemy is slain in a given area. This will help reduce both player fatigue when lost and over-grinding.
  • A map feature would be great. Alternatively you can place a second camera in the scene with a top-down perspective to act as a mini-map.
  • If you want to try randomizing the dungeon at all, I've made a very similar Unity project in the past that had the floor, features, monsters and treasure dynamically generated. I can share the C# code if you'd like.

You've really captured the spirit of the old-school adventure game. I love the attention to detail in how Alys will comment on pretty much every single interaction with every bit of scenery that exists in this game. It feels very polished for a game jam title, great job!

This is something really special. Not only is the artwork beautiful but the game itself has a lot of very interesting mechanics and ideas that I haven't seen in these sorts of games before. My one complaint would have to be the dodging mini game. While the rest of the game plays with the mouse, dodging switches the control scheme to keyboard. Additionally the hitboxes are not very clear and the random movements are a bit too random. I'd rather have the difficulty of this mini game to be derived from the amount of projectiles than random movement that throws you off. Other than that I think that the game is absolutely great and I would definitely love to see more.

I love exploration games of this sort, so I really hope you'll keep working on this. The sprite animations look great and the game as a whole is just very charming to look at. Fullscreen didn't work for me, which is a shame because I'd love to see the sprites upsized to fill the monitor.

Models and animations look fantastic. The levels could be diversified a bit with item collection in addition to combat, but other than that the core gameplay seems pretty solid. I hope you'll keep working on this, it's got a lot of potential.