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I have never had something like this reported before. Blue screen in the sense of the Windows OS itself locking up?

Is this something you have experienced with other games or applications? It could be a hardware problem or some sort of mismatch to Unity's internal rendering structure.

Most likely case for it not going further than the title screen would be a save data corruption. You could try to manually delete your save files in case that's what's causing the issue. They can be found in C:\Users\*yourname*\AppData\LocalLow\Impy\Sweeper\

I however recommend avoiding running this game on any device that had such an issue. This sounds like a serious problem and I don't want to put your computer at risk.

Thank you for playing! I'm slowly getting ready to finish this one. There's still lots more I want to add before I call it done, but I do plan to have a finalized version ready before the next February game jam. It's been very fun making this into a full-sized game after the last one.

The 0.2 update's great, I like the new characters and quest system. The way that the areas are starting to expand out and interconnect is really cool. I love the idea of having characters follow the player, I think it's got a lot of potential. I'd like to see the follow system used for a few more freeform interactions, with maybe several different places you can bring your companion to.

With all the different unique NPCs this game has and each one with their own dialogue, it might be fun to add a room for the player to invite a few of the ones they like to.

Thank you for making such a content filled update so quickly, nice work!

Eight directional movement is possible and there's no big penalties in taking multiple days to complete a mission. It's impossible to do every possible quest in a single playthrough, so play the game at your own pace. There will be unlockable boosters to help you after finishing the game at least once.

Yea if there will be other suspicious merchant events they'll probably be for the other characters,

There might be more traders in the future, I'm not completely decided on that.

I'm going to formally announce the side project this month and hold some voting on the content. It's not really something that I expect to debut as a fully playable game on Itch until 2022, just something on the side to give me a break from Summer Sweepers every once in a while.

"Disk Detective" and "Ban the Witch" have the suspicious rabbit for sure, there might be others.

I like the exploration focus. I think some additional interaction with the characters could be interesting, but be careful not to move it too much in a puzzle adventure direction it might lose some of its charm.

I really like the mix of 3D and pixel art that you have gong here, they match each other really well and that's not an easy thing to do with this style. The little character animations unique text and sound effects do a lot for making each of them come to life. The music matches the scenes and gives each area its own special feeling, I'm guessing you wrote it yourself for this game, awesome job! The level design is nice, but a little too spacious in my opinion, I suggest condensing or decorating some of the empty areas. It may also be better to remove the run button and set the run speed as the default movement speed, it's usually preferable to get rid of buttons that have to be held at all times.

I think it might be interesting to interconnect the areas with some secret passages, so that there are ways of getting around without returning to the lobby. The whole premise just really makes me think of Yume Nikki and I'd like to see it go even more in that direction. Overall, a very interesting world and definitely something I'd like to spend some hours exploring once its fully expanded.

Great work!

Thank you I really appreciate the feedback. I'm happy that you liked it!

1. There's 5 new events added for the crossdressing route in v7, more to come!

2. Not too sure about that one, but peeping from Percy's perspective might appear at some point. There are some "half-wall" locations coming in v7 where Percy will get to see a fraction of what's going on and talk from the other side.

3. That's sort of in the works. The crossdressing and shared sex routes that have been added over the past couple of updates already go in that direction. I eventually want to add some varied endings to those branches as well.

4. That might happen.

5. Probably no major new characters at this point. I will be adding many more scenes and interactions for the current cast. I'm planning to continue development until January before moving on to a new project. I do want to expand the story however.

The gallery button should appear on the title screen after you have completed the game at least once and got an ending.

I'll see what I can do for the October public release.

I'm happy to hear that my game is fun enough for you to dedicate hours of playtime to! Thank you!

For the font colors being difficult to read, do you mean the text font that describes the contents of a tile?

Thank you for the link. I do plan to start on a side project sometime in September, but I will be putting the direction of it up to a vote, so I won't have much information available for a while. I think Summer Sweepers is a fairly good showcase of the kind of content you can expect from my future games.

I don't really see such a scenario being added to this game in particular. If it's for story purposes, I leave it up to the author's taste. I don't mind others using my worlds and characters for whatever purposes they wish. As far as it being something I would be interested in, it would really depend on the context.

I think all the characters fit quite well. It's creative fiction, so it's more fun if you make them your own in some ways.

You've got a fun interpretation of the characters, I really like it!

Definitely very sweet.

(In my in-game version of events, Espa hates the idea of Percy in a dress and gets jealous that Ram picks him over her. But I like your version, you don't have to change it to match.)

It's just one quest and a couple of minor events for the goblin girl for now. There's an ending scene in the "Soup to go" quest that introduces her and unlocks her first quest. I currently plan to expand her story in v7 and v8. Oolie already got a decent bit of content in v6, but I expect she will get more in upcoming patches too, she's definitely been quite popular since her introduction.

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Thank you, always a please to see you checking out the new content!

v6 will give you the option to make Percy a trap and go after Oolie, Ram and Abigail.

Not at all, but v6 has been delayed by a few days. I'll post the v6 patch notes and release date as soon as it's done.

I'm very sorry for the trouble, but I would rather avoid direct payments of that kind. Forgive me for being frustrating about this, but I want to keep the support system simple. It's unfortunate that not everyone can participate, but I have faith that more payment options will become available through Subscribestar in the future. I will always keep my games free and available to all, the release delay is meant to simply provide a slight bonus for those who wish to openly support my work.

Thank you! I expect to continue posting monthly updates until next year and make more NTR themed games in the future.

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Added Win32 build, hope it works for you.

Luckily, I still had the project files for v4. I usually only keep a backup of the second most recent version.

One of my subscribers reported that a pre-paid Paygoo card worked after his other cards were rejected. You can also try contacting the SubscribeStar support team.

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The achievements stay between versions. The normal save data however has a chance to bug out, so I run a check to see if the versions are consistent. If you really want to force an old save into the new version, locate the save files under *Username*\AppData\LocalLow\Impy\Sweeper and change the game version in settings. Do so at your own risk, I do not guarantee any type of good result.

I'm planning on making the hidden text more legible so you get a better idea of what is being discussed, instead of the pseudo-random way it works right now. Seeing their thoughts is something I want to incorporate into a future game at some point.

Unfortunately I don't have plans to use other platforms at this time. All content will always become available for all players after 30 days or so.

No discord, I prefer to keep my presence limited, so I don't get too sidetracked with community management. I monitor Itch and SubscribeStar for comments if you want to talk to me directly. F95 seems like a good place to discuss the game with others, the thread there is quite active.

The voyeur event dialogue is something I plan to make a little more comprehensive in the near future. Enough words will be revealed for you to get the gist of the conversation, but I don't plan to reveal it completely.

There's currently a shared bath scene with Espa and Fio as well as a few events with multiple girls in them, but the only futa character in the game is Abigial as of v4.  Abigail's ending, which is text only at this time, features futa transformations in it and I do plan to add a nice illustration to go with the story text in the future.

Futa events have been designed to be fully avoidable by never taking quests with Abigail in them. The "light the beacons" quest introduces her and unlocks optional encounters with Oolie in town, no sexual encounters will take place during her first quest. Beyond the standard NTR scenarios, the game gives you ample hints about the type of content you're getting yourself into by continuing down a particular path, but there are no plans to add options to disable certain types of content.

Just woke up, give me 30 minutes or so.

The different variants all end up looking neat and I like the elastic jiggle physics. I want to pick them up and throw them around! Maybe some kind of angry birds style game with custom bouncy slime girls.

Thank you! There's an update coming out in two days if you're interested in exploring more of it.

When an exclamation mark appears on the map, head to the tile to see the event. Some scenes require a certain number of levels to be completed before they become available. There's a new version coming on the 9th, so you might want to wait for the new release before trying the game again.

Thank you, I will! I'm glad you liked it!

They seem to be getting dick just fine already, just need more event variety. I plan to keep a bittersweet but lighthearted tone for the endings.

I'll give it some thought. The simplest way might be to add a new start of game booster that lengthens the guild time for those who want it. I'll consider extending the default time too.

In the upcoming public release you'll get to interact with the girls and take them out on dates. Some of the cast will also have their own special endings.

I try to keep my social media presence limited, so it doesn't end up draining too much of my development time. It also gives me the chance to reply to more of the comments on the platforms where I'm active.

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There's 5 vaginal or oral penetration scenes in v3.

Yep, that's what's in the plans. NTR haters would never even open the game regardless of how much non-NTR content there is, so I don't see much of a reason to have much of it at all.