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Impossible Worlds

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Enjoyed it quite a lot, cool game ^_^ 

We apologize if the objective is unclear. SprawlRunner is an endless runner, in which your objective is to hack the billboards (purple, orange, green and blue) by mashing keys whilst running over them. Occasionally, if you avoid enough obstacles, you will reach a bonus hackable vehicle, which you can score bonus data from to increase your overall score. 

Gorgeous aesthetics, and great game play make for a pretty cool title. This is one of my favorites so far, and it feels very polished. I agree the movement/response on the jumps could be snappier though. 

Needs to be brighter in sections, but overall very cool. Loved the atmosphere, and the story was pretty sweet. Good work ^^

careless labs, a simple reload should do the trick, it seems to be a problem with the unity plugin more than anything.