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pretty cool project i'm surprised this exist

where i can download the demo?

Thank you... I already got it in my unity account (i did not remember it) and uploaded to mediafire too, but thanks anyway. Is always good to have alternatives

Mediafire? i just upload the 2.5gb file in one package to mediafire...

After waiting 5hs to download the other 1gb left, mega just downloaded 50gmb and then "quota exeeded" again, so F* that s*ty service :) i have it and i will upload to another better service, like mediafire osomething, Thanks anyway

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it always giving my the "Bandwidth transfer quota exceeded" at 1.5gb i have i also have an account :(
Also if you are interested, in unitylist there is a guy who have an updated version for 2018 LTS

Hi, can you please upload it to a different host? 

mi favorito era sommer trip cruise, pero ahora, es este. Muy bueno y muy chistoso, espero que ganes.

nada mal, es entretenido, pero sería bueno saber porque perdiste, o sea, que te deje ver cual fue tu error.

bueno, se nota que es solo un chiste xD me dio risa, pero como juego no tiene nada que destacar

no es tan mala la idea, pero el juego en si no es bueno

very creative... xd

I do not know if you are going to see this message but, anyway the game is maybe the better i played here, just 2 things: 1 - The controls -.- and 2 - the things that hurts the player, sometimes needs to be more visually obvious but in general the game for me is 8/10 Good job.

BTW: 200/200 XD