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I’ve been working on a way of making that right, I’ll actually have an update on that very soon (on the jam page) Sorry for the delay!

Hey there, I was hoping the winner would be shown right when the voting time was up, I'm gonna check and see if I can figure out what's going on with that :/

Sorry! I got a little held up this weekend but I can definitely create a submission link for your game, just let me know! Thx

I know, sorry!! Tonight I'll get everything back to normal, I promise!! :0

Sorry, tonight for sure! I'm almost done with the updates and thanks for your patience!!

For sure! I have an update for the jam page I'm working and I'll be changing the end time when I update the page (hopefully today or tomorrow) Sorry for the wait and thanks for your patience!

The voting is set for a week but I might go just a little shorter (last time a week felt a little bit too long) but I will for sure let you know when the voting starts! Thanks for the question (you bring up a great point too, I wish that itch let you show how long the voting lasts before the voting starts!)

Ah yes! You're right, not to worry I will be going back to the original time (ending on Sunday) Sorry for the confusion, I was testing some stuff out but thanks for mentioning it :)

Darn I wanted to play but it was just a black screen for me D: but I watched your making of video (thanks for posting that) and I felt like I was there! GREAT JOB!!

I ate the can 1000 times ;P

Hey this is pretty good! The Andy sprite is fantastic and you had me stumped on the gray river (but they I remembered how to open doors...) Also I love how you said "the protagonist is that painter guy from the soup thing" I like to think this is what his life was like A+

Haha I appreciate your honesty! Of course you can and you never know maybe you could throw something together to submit ;P

Dang those can crushers are unforgiving! Once I knew how to move (arrow keys) I flew! Whew!!


Nice work! Reminds me of the old Win95/98 games, that frog is silly too. YEAH!

Nice little game, I liked the handwriting in the title (that is soo MSPaint :D ) Also, it took me a sec to get it but once I did I soared! Also YOU ARE FUNERAL lolol

I got killed in one move... It was awesome! I love the text based gameplay, reminds me of the old days. P.s. don't go into the door on the right ;)

I blowed up all the stuff!! It looked really good and I liked the textbook and hand-drawn style! But I wished the cannon was a soup can ;P Good work on this very smooth and satisfying destruction!

OMG! The graphics on this are incredible, the cutscene, the background everything looks very polished, excellent job and also the dead pinto beans sprouting had me lol

WOW! This looks excellent, I love your artstyle for this (the background effect was so relaxing) also it took me a minute I had to drag and drop the ingredients (I was thinking it was a "Press Spacebar" sort of situation) but great job on this!

Nice artwork! I love the simplicity of it and I found it quite relaxing too, I kept thinking there was celery in clam chowder lol also your Andy Warhol looks kinda like Cloud from FFVII (which is AwEsOmE!)

WHOA! your artstyle is awesome this was funny and strange and wonderful, it has everything you need to be happy. Thank you for this

Great job! I'm kinda bad at puzzle games but you did awesome on this one, I can't believe you incorporated a level editor!! That was an awesome surprise!

Nice work on this one! The graphics look really great and I liked the top down perspective and that can you drew looks PERFECT!!

NICE ONE! Yeah the ketchup gun was a lot of fun, I gotta get one of those!! Overall good job and the character profile was a nice touch too!

Fast and fun! Nice work on this one :)

Whoa really cool! The look you created truly captures the essence of MSPaint and something about it reminds me of MarioPaint (and more specifically the manual/players guide) that was full of famous art that was recreated with it. Plus your WinXP is INCREDIBLE!

I love when the can blasts that tomato soup I can quite explain it but its surprisingly realistic! Also, your soup can looks FANTASTIC (or should I say "CAN"TASTIC lol) Extra credit on the cursive writing, Andy would be proud!!!

Really great artwork! It looks like something from ArtRage (awesome software btw) and I'm always a fan of the memory games :)

Nice work! Speaking of I felt like was really at the factory, working away! You can never have enough dispensers (OH YEH!)

Dang! Once you get the hang of it, shooting that "CAN"non was a serious blast! NICE WORK!!

Whoa nice one! Your MSPaint skills are 9000! The cutscene with the frog is a work of art. Pluse the fact that you made it Frog (legs) soup was ingenious (I wonder if they ever made that flavor lol) Anyway EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Sure! That's pretty clever, if you want to loop it or something like that (as long as it's the same single level!) Good idea :)

There's a rating for theme but you don't have to use it if you don't want to! ;P

Aw good question, but unfortunately I had only platformers in mind for the jam... Although, I actually was playing around with the idea of any type of level (top down, first person, etc) but I think I might do that for the next jam (sorry!) but I'll have details on the next jam soon after this one (it won't be as long a wait as last year!) So keep an eye out for that and I'll probably open it up for any type of level next time! Thx

For sure, you can have checkpoints but as long as its in the same level (you could warp to different parts of the stage but not a entirely new area) I hope that make sense and thanks for the question!

Whew, it's been (what feels like) a long time in the making (and thanks to everyone for waiting!) but we are finally going!!! Let me know if you have any questions and LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!!!

Ah shoot, yeah sorry about that the browser thing wasn't supposed to be so spammy... Now that they aren't allowing new uploads I'm stuck with this version- at least until the jam is done :/ But, yeah you're right its pretty boring (I realized that after the fact lol) and actually its supposed to have full combat with stats and everything (the jacket helps with def) but I didn't get a chance to put that in there yet... Anyway, thanks for playing! I really appreciate it and sorry for the surprise (random link pop-up) I'm gonna remove that once updates are allowed!

Whoa! It's like the page comes to life! Very cool and the sfx/music are good too! NICE ONE!!