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Thanks so much for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I do agree with you about the anti-virus spike being a bit OP depending on how many connections exist, but I also liked that it added for so many permutations of levels where some versions of them are easier/harder based on the rng of it as you said.

Thanks again for playing and for the review!

This is really great.  I'm definitely going to use this in planning my future games.  Thanks for putting it together!

Welcome Zer0 0ne.  Ready to get your hack on?  There are so many computers and networks to infiltrate its absurd.  Its like people think they can live without fear of getting digitally rekt!  The nerve.  Prove them wrong.

Zer0 0ne is a hacking strategy game I've been working on for the past few months.  It started out as a local Gam Jam game that tied for first place.  Since then, I've been developing it further and really honing the idea down to a state of (what I feel) is addictive enjoyment.  That nice balance between challenge and success.  This is my first game actually so I've been learning as I go through the process as well.  I'm basically a one man team with some outside assistance thrown in here and there.   Anyways, I really hope you enjoy the game.