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Thanks for the reply!

I guess you mean about the list type when multi-select is checked? Yes that seems it would be a problem. If you allow me to make a suggestion:

#def variable_name
type = list
multi_select = true;
value = {
    "item1" : true,
    "item2" : true,
    "item3" : false,
    "item4" : true

Something along these lines. For other types I guess it would be more simple:

#def variable_name
type = string;
value = "hey";

And let me once again grab the chance and say thank you for your amazing work!
GMEdit community · Created a new topic Variable definitions

I don't know if this has been requested (or if it is already there and I just hadn't discover it), but it would be great if GMedit supported creation, editing and auto-complete of  the "variable definitions" feature of GameMaker. Even in a non-graphical way where the user would define variable_name/type/value would be great.

Hi everyone!

This is a remake of the classic arcade game Solomon's Key. It can be considered a "port" to the PC platform, that is, there was no attempt to enhance it in any way. I tried staying close to the original.

This is my first complete game and it was a great learning experience.

Thanks for taking a look!