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Another option we're considering is using the devlogs on Each product has its own devlog, and it would allow us to share lengthier information in a nicely formatted presentation with screenshots if desired. We could of course do both as well by posting the details in the devlog and linking to it from the Changelogs module within Foundry VTT.

Thanks for the suggestion. That looks like a promising solution. We might use that going forward. Of course it'll require another update to integrate it and set up the dependency. 😆

By the way, one of the recent Asset Library updates added a "Dark Mode" version of the Setting Grid scene, in case you missed it. 😉

Thanks for posting this question.

We're trying to think of the best way to do this. A lot of feature and function updates happen in the assets library module, which isn't listed anywhere publicly. Because it's not listed publicly, how to share updates for that package is kind of a challenge. We're considering putting a change log directly within the Compendium for that module as one possible solution.

The actual content modules barely have any actual updates at all other than content corrections. However, we've recently updated the content modules simply because we added some additional data in the manifest file for display on The Forge and Foundry Hub. (Another one is coming out soon just to fix a URL in that file.)

For content package updates, we plan to post changes in the Foundry Discord server under #package-releases. We considered posting emails to purchasers of the respective modules, but we were worried it might feel spammy.

We're open to suggestions, and we'd love to get everyone's opinions on how you might prefer to receive change logs going forward.

~ Kristian