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Yeah i want to participate as an active member of this community but im stuck in 9.51. I'd love to have an update. :)

same bruh

So I was on version 9.51 and I was playing where it was just Europe, Africa and Asia. There was a 50/50 chance of a country getting nuked or divided. 

So, it was progressing as normal until suddenly Tanzania got nuked by the PRC. Normal, but what happened that was abnormal was that a significant portion of the entire African continent got obliterated by this single nuke. Not sure how.

How has no one talked about this before.

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Everything runs fine on my mac. Thanks for the great game and can't wait to see what updates we all see in the future!

Edit: My computer is a mac, so im not sure what everyone is talking about when they say the game doesn't work at high res. It works ok for me.

speaking of which, will the steam version always cost money?


Drew Durnil just did a cities only mode. How?

Sprites aren't loading on my mac?

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I think it would be pretty cool if nukes had radioactive fallout.

It gives them another reason to be rare and also is realistic (kind of).

EDIT: Although it should be an optional feature.

Is it alright if we can leave suggestions in here anyway if we can't get discord?

this is was a really interesting thought experiment that engaged me and surprisingly didnt scare me, even though i was expecting to be

thanks for the great game!