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thanks for the suggestion

that my be a glitch, you usually can’t. godot’s build system is glitchy.

the levels are moderately short, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt that much to die, but yes it is annoying. plus in such short time add checkpoints felt unnecessary but could had been done.

Unique idea

Amazingly detailed visuals

(1 edit)

its simple if you have done some android development before, you just need the android sdk, a key-store which is documented on how to get one on godot’s docs, and you should be done. Full Documentation.

Also I decided not show the transformation as it would take time to animate so left it on a cliffhanger.

thank you for the feed back. Also I did see the walking up slopes problem but decided, to keep it and is actually used in the climbing wall parts of the level, you can do a run up and get a boost up.

I love story line based games, so I did what I love.

I added humours if the gameplay was not good enough and also I love story line based games so, I heavily leaned into interesting conversations.

I knew people will get stuck and didn’t have time to iron out issues so I added a reset level button: ‘Q’ (or ‘select’ on controllers)

this is a problem with Godot’s web build, it glitches on some device but fine on others, I really can’t do anything. the native game is much cleaner

Yeah that’s true but I decided to leave it, as it will take to long to refine it.

Also, this it the colour palette if you are interested.

Simple, and fun game, should expand it.

I was experimenting with it, but decided to ditch it as I still was quite new to godot and couldn’t get it right

Amazing idea this is the perfect casual game, I feel like the more blobs you get the cloning rate should reduce because then the game gets laggy quickly

Godot’s build system is super basic if you use the built in one. So, it was quick and easy.

Quite an addictive game

Thanks, this is the first proper game I made in godot, and just applied my knowledge of good features from good games i have played before

sure will, this my first proper game I have made, also with godot

yeh I tried it with a stadia controller wired, and connected it before starting the game, but it works fine on web, might be an android 12 issue

Love the simplicity

Amazing gameplay idea, only problem is when I walk into a wall by mistake with a bunch of ghosts behind me I get stuck

Yeah, But it is a good, solid engine

hmm, that’s weird , might a rare glitch on you side, because Godot web exports are not the best I have seen so far.

Amazing graphic design

I literally felt i was in the game, it’s really good.

solid and realistic gameplay, absolutely love it

you need to download the game zip to find out

amazing graphics, and intense gameplay

Nice Design

comming soon…

so I was wondering after uploading the game I want to polish the game more and give it a more better experience

This is more of a Amplified car crash physics simulator