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ohhhh I just re-read what you said about trading - you probably didn't land on the planet in the system that sells them. Each planet/moon/station has a different selection at different prices

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thanks for checking it out! You are correct, at the moment you can only sell stuff in systems that also sell it, but I'd say the trading system overall is still a bit undercooked. The prices and distribution of goods is essentially random, and eventually it should be a bit more logical and you should be able to sell anything anywhere.

 You can use the inventory tab of the in-game menu to mark the best known price (you only know prices on planets/moons/stations you've previously landed on) for cargo you're carrying on your map, to make trading less about guesswork.

I do also have some plans to reduce the likelihood of getting insta-wrecked on jumping into a system, mostly by making sure the player spawns somewhere that's relatively open and not right on top of a firefight. I may even mark systems as warzones even before you've discovered them, to at least warn you to maybe route around them

If you redownload, I've added an option to disable nebulas in the options menu, which you can access either from the title screen or in-game by pressing escape, then clicking the button labeled 'options'. Hope that gets it running better for you :)

Thanks for checking it out! I almost guarantee it's the background nebula assets tanking your frame rate - I can add an option to the menu to disable them until I get a more performant solution :)

After quite a lot of work, the playable demo for Stellar Nomad is now available on itch! Stellar Nomad is a top down space sandbox, in the tradition of the classic Escape Velocity series, and with more than a little inspiration take from Elite.

Check it out here: