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No, i mean be able to simulate completely different creatures at the same time 

I think a good idea would be to add tabs, as in be able to create and evolve multiple creatures at a time, because some creatures slowly evolve and then you could work on another one. I do realise that this might make it really laggy if you have lots running at the same time but i think it is worth it if you just use batches and dont do to many at a time :)

Thanks, it would be really great if you could add this

Evolution community · Created a new topic Tips & Tricks

I made this so anyone with tips or tricks for making good creatures can tell others :)

thanks soo much mate :)

cheers that is really helpful

In some other people gifs i have seen that it says things on the side like fitness and m/s and so on. I have downloaded and redownloaded it to see if there is new feature but i still cant find out how to get this. If someone could please tell me it would be really helpful.