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That was really soon ^^ Thanks!


Super fun video =D I like the particle part, is there any repository to take a look at how you've done this? :3

Thanks ;)

Bonjour icaa,

Il existe plusieurs manières pour faire ça. La plus connue que je connaisse, consiste à créer un arrière-plan très grand que l'on fait défiler en bougeant sa position vers le bas. Tu peux créer l'arrière plan par exemple à partir d'un TileSet, ou le faire avec Gimp/Photoshop mais les TileSet et TileMap sont fait pour ce genre de choses :)

Bonne journée/soirée!

Well, I need different sizes depending on when I want to load this asset (but sure I could resize them to half of their size at least xD)

Thanks guys! I have set the scale to 0.1 and it works perfectly! =D the function I used is the one superpowers autocompleted me x)

this.actor.setLocalScale(0.1, 0.1, 1);

I have a behavior which need to set its sprite some time after its initialization, I can do it pretty easily with X.spriteRenderer.setSprite(). But now I need to set the size of the sprite, is there a function, for example:

X.spriteRenderer.setSize(32, 32);


Awesome I find them =D Thanks I didn't see this part ^^

Thanks! \o/

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Thanks for your answer

Antergos is an ArchLinux-based distribution, with some preconfigured stuff and desktop environment. From there, there is AUR which is a community repository of ArchLinux, and there is a package to install superpowers. ( https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/superpowers/ )

I tried too to build from the Git repository, with the help of the documentation "Building Superpowers", and after that if I create a project named "Toto" I don't find where this project is saved :/

I don't think anyone is working on it at the moment. If you start working on it, just post a comment on the issue on GitHub so people know you are.

OK, for now I will just take a look at the code, as I've just downloaded the Git version of Superpowers, and try some stuff on it before really working on this issue, but sure I'd love to work on it :3

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I have juste installed Superpowers with the ArchLinux repository given in Antergos. It works well and I have v1.1. But I can't manage to find the projects folder to copy back the project I had before (I have one project I exported using 'Export as HTML"). And when in the Server Settings, the button "Open projects folder" does not seem todo anything so I really can't find where this folder is. I tried in ~/$HOME/.config/ and in /opt/superpowers. Does someone knows where it is by default when Superpowers is installed with repository? :/

By the way, is there anyone working on the Import feature, as mentioned in the issues in Github? If not I would like to help, as far as I can as I am a very beginner with Electron and Nodejs ^^

Thanks! =D

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Salut mrbugsbenny :)

Superpowers te propose une autocomplétion sur plusieurs librairies. La principale c'est la librairie standard de Superpowers et ses sous-modules (Appelée 'Sup'). Tu a aussi deux-trois autres librairies tierces fournies par défaut telles que Cannonjs ou Socket.io .

Regarde le bouton "Typescript API Browser" dans la fenêtre de projet ;) (Cf la capture ICI)

La plupart sont explicites dans le nom, ou avec un commentaire ^^


Un petit conseil, lorsque tu as ce genre de soucis clique sur "Deboguer le projet" (F6), on y voit la plupart des erreurs de ce genre ;)

Bon apprentissage!