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Thank you so much for your well thought out comment! Your feedback is really appreciated! If we work on another update I'll make sure our programmer takes your notes into consideration โ˜• So glad you like our game! Thank you so much for playing it!

Thank you so much for playing the game! We are so glad you enjoyed it! โ˜•โ„๐Ÿ’–

Congrats to everyone who was able to finish their game in time!! Thank you for participating in our little jam โ„โ˜•

There are some excellent submissions! I'll be playing everyone of them! I hope you all do that as well!

Have a lovely 2019 everyone!

I'm not sure where it went! Sorry about that! Here is a link for you to upload your game to the submissions page again!

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Get all cozy with your cups of Hot Cocoa! Santa's second favorite drink after milk. โ˜•โ„

Hope everyone has fun with this theme! Happy jamming! 

That's so awesome! Thank you :)

Wizard Mealee is an online multiplayer game where you and your friends take on the role as hungry wizards. Cast spells and try to become the last wizard standing. Eating yummy food will make you more powerful, but also a bigger target. Is a wizard giving you trouble? Eat some cake, and send him to space! 

Thanks for checking out our game Dante! The game is indeed online multiplayer. We just set up a fresh new discord if you need someone to play with: :D

Thank you for taking your time to give us feedback! If we do an update to the game, that'll be on the top of the list :D

Love this game!  The progression is great, although it can a bit slow at times. I still appreciate that you introduced new enemies and/or enemy mechanics each level. The character models are excellent, definitely a stand out. 

Thank you so much! :D

Much obliged, Matthew! 

Thank you so much!!!