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Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you for the kind words and for playing! :) I will have to check out the Rosalina's storybooks.

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Thanks for doing this! Would love to include: Lonely Planet

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Love this; the color palette is simultaneously cute and unsettling and the story is very rich w/ multiple endings! Super impressive work!

This game is so sweet!

Thank you for your kind words and for playing!

Thanks so much for playing!!

Thank you so much for the thoughtful write-up and for letting me be apart of your really awesome jam!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing!

I agree with some of the feedback here that the ending could have been scripted more; but overall this was a really fun game, I enjoyed the dialogue you added throughout the levels and I loved the unique design of your layout. The way the levels themselves were designed reminded me of "Deadly Towers" on NES, which I LOVED. Great work! 

I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing! 

Thank you for your kind words and for playing! 

I’m so glad! Thanks for playing! 

This is just really beautiful work so far, can't wait to see how it progresses. Stunning art!

I really love your unique art style and I can't wait to see what you do next. great work!

A splendid experience, adorable concept and a great art style. We both have a love for orchestral ghosts, so great taste. 10/10 

The art is stunning, the gameplay is wonderfully paced and smooth. I can just tell a lot of heart went into this development. Absolutely superb job!

This is a really interesting concept, I enjoyed it! The art style is really neat too. 

The art is really stunning; I enjoyed your use of the assets and the story is very sad & sweet. 

This was so much fun. I love the truly unique style you have and the atmosphere you create in your games. Big fan of The Norwood Suite, too. 

Thank you so much for the kind words and for playing it!

I love this. 

This was a lot of fun! Really cute art style and great flow.

Thank you! And thanks for playing! 

I appreciate the kind remarks! Thanks so much for playing!

So creative and adorable! 

This was just... really cool. An unexpected and relatable narrative with anxious pacing that WORKS.

Really enjoyed this. Great work! Excited to follow future projects.