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Hello we are are working on a project, maybe we could use your help because there's a lot to do, can you go to the discord and ask for me ?

Hi, it should work...

Hey I'm interested having you in My team

Iam also looking for teamates guys. Especially a C# programmer to work on my project 😊

Guys if you are looking for teamates you can also go to our discord and ask for it in the "looking-for-a-team" channel ;)

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A discord server is now open for this jam, feel free to join ! You'll talk with other devs, show progress of your projects and ask for help :)

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Teams are encouraged. It's easier, faster and funnier to work with people, and it keeps you motivated. I'll keep this thread updated, feel free to ask for teamates if you want to. Here are the people looking for teamates to work with on this jam :

  • BusterKeaton : music composing | Discord : buster#9667
  • Chibo : sound design & music composing
  • Kantalope : level design & programing (Unreal Engine 4) | Discord : Kantalope#4488
  • SoftBoiUwu : programing (Unity)
  • inferno918 : ??? (Unity) | Discord : AsylumRunner#6190
  • jasonmcleod : Javascript, canvas & phaser (learning Unity) | Discord : Jeezle#5973
  • DMCCe : programing (Unity) | Discord : DMMCE#8284

Answer in this thread if you are looking for teamates, I'll add you here ;)

Thank you very much I really appreciate it ! :)

Yes the game is too hard, I had issues making the gameplay balanced. I really have to work on this :/

Thank you :)

Really enjoyed it, it was short but the ambiant was scary. Maybe a bit laggy when we look at the portal. anyway good job ^^

Really cool idea but I can't manage to reach the first coin, it's really hard. Nice design tho

Thank you very much for your comment ! :) If you notice it you can see that everytime a character dies the score is growing slower. Sadly I know it's too hard, at the first place there was only one crate running all around the screen and you had to avoid it one side after another and my idea was to get this crate faster and faster. However I didn't manage to do it (maybe if I had more time I dunno) so I just got more crates along time, and now it's nearly impossible to survive longer than 30 seconds... But it's my first game ever and I'm proud of myself, I think I've learned a lot from this experience ^^ Thanks again