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Thank you for playing, Xenoneo!

Unfortunately, there was no time to implement the final battle against "God" in a satisfying way. What we focused on this first build was the events that took place in the mortal world so to speak. Saving the four nations should offer you the most content as of now. Should you begin a New World you will retain all your stats and armor from your previous play-through so feel free to make the most out of it :P

I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing, Roden!

Yes, the difficulty is something we'll have to adjust a bit (particularly the Ignis and Terra bosses). I don't know if you noticed but for focusing single target, you have to use the skill Foresight which is the key to victory over those fights :)

Thank you so much, Gabrelik! It was very entertaining to watch you play! Definitely finish it when you get the chance :P